"Connect manager" - your access to the Internet

Practically everyone now has a phone with an outputto the Internet, and it helps in situations where you are outdoors or just not at home. However, many use a telephone or a special wireless modem as a point of access to the network from a computer, and for this you need software. "Connect Manager" is a convenient way to configure the parameters of a wireless Internet access point.

connect managerAll mobile operators support theexit from the computer to the Internet. You can, for example, allocate MTS "Connect Manager". Windows 7, Vista, XP - all these systems support this software, and you will not have any problems when configuring it. Consider the connection order.

"Connect manager" MTS, more precisely - its installation,will start automatically after you insert the modem into the computer or activate the access point on your phone. Then just click on the button labeled "Connect", and you can immediately open the browser and load the page you need.

If you are in a large city, then for sureyou will see that the "Connect Manager" has connected to the 3G network. This is a high-speed data transmission channel, which, however, is inferior in speed to 4G networks. However, rare modems and telephones now support ultra-high-speed data transfer, but with time such devices will become larger.

If you are in nature, the "Connect Manager" is more likely to connect to a slow but commonconnect manager mtsalmost everywhere EDGE or 2G networks.

If you want the modem to connect only toa certain network, select in the settings of the program "Priority WCDMA" - another name for the broadband 3G network - or "Priority EDGE", this or that configuration option may be necessary to you in cases if you want to exclude slow downloads while in the zone of confident reception of networks of the third generation.

"Connect manager" also supports the possibilitysending SMS messages and their reception. You also have the opportunity to make calls, if you have the necessary technical means. To do this, just go to the appropriate point in the program. You will be able to exchange quick messages with any subscriber at the price stipulated by your tariff plan. Often this is not very profitable, because mobile operators, advertising low prices for the Internet, usually increase the cost of SMS messages, so as not to be at a loss.

mts connect manager windows 7If the connection to the Internet via modem or phone is not too stable, try changing your location: go outside or on the balcony, where the signal will be stable.

In addition, we advise without failcheck for updates to the "Connect Manager" program on the website of your mobile operator. This practice will allow you to avoid errors that have not been corrected in previous versions of the software. This will increase the stability of the Internet and expand the capabilities of the modem.

Now you know that the software -this is an important element of any modem and phone with Internet access, and your task is to properly configure this program for efficient operation of the equipment.

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