"Yaninsky cascade" (residential complex). Reviews, prices, plans

St. Petersburg is the cultural capital of Russia. Recently, more and more people from those who want to realize themselves, their potential, achieve career heights, and just live in a cultural center, have access to a developed metropolitan infrastructure, prefers this particular northern city. It is much quieter and quieter than in Moscow, and the standard of living is not worse. The cost of real estate is much lower than in Moscow, respectively, residents have a real opportunity to acquire an apartment in an excellent area of ​​the city. The residential complex "Yaninsky Cascade" is a unique project created for the most comfortable life of every Petersburger. Within the framework of this material, we will evaluate it from all sides and try to provide the most detailed review.

The Yaninsk cascade

about the project

Wherever the fuss of the usual gray days is replacedsilence, tranquility and singing of birds, where it breathes easily and calmly, and the residential complex "Yaninsky Cascade" appeared. The developer put in the basis of the concept of building "city in the country" so popular today. Indeed, all residents will feel the charms of the metropolitan and suburban life, they will receive only the best from it.

The project of complex development is a real green city, where all the conditions for a maximum comfortable life are created.


"Yaninsky cascade" is located only 2.5 km fromcity, adjacent to the Ring Road. You can get to the city in any way in just 15-20 minutes. This is an ecologically clean area, ideal for families with small children.

Yaninsky cascade-3


The territory of the complex is fenced, is underhour security, equipped with a video surveillance system. The developer took care that every resident of the complex felt as safe as possible. Moreover, the houses are equipped with a modern fire alarm system, so there is no cause for concern.

Transport accessibility

For the implementation of the project was selected Vsevolozhskyarea. New buildings will appear near the metro station "Ladozhskaya". Convenient transport interchanges, public transport stops - all this will allow the residents of the complex "Yaninsky Cascade" to easily reach anywhere in the city. And do not be embarrassed by the proximity to the Ring Road. Residents will not care about the noise from the street, because from the busy highway with a very dense movement of the new building separates the "green filter" - a wall of centuries-old greenery. The complex itself is literally buried in verdure, because it is surrounded on all sides by trees, bushes, which makes the air literally filled with oxygen. At present, the project of the first stage has already been handed over. So, the residents of his houses note that it's particularly easy to breathe here: it's so clean and fresh air.

Yaninsky cascade-2

Architectural solution

LCD "Yaninsky cascade" impresses with itsarchitectural solution. The light facades of new buildings with panoramic glazing in combination with the variable height of the buildings helped the developer to escape from the boring and uninteresting concept of the "anthill", where neighbors interfere with each other's enjoying a comfortable life. Using modern technologies and high-quality materials allowed to achieve the highest construction speed.


Vsevolozhsky district was chosen for constructionLCD "Yanisk cascade" is not accidental. This is the center of the active life of modern residents of the metropolis. Take the whole family and go for a walk in the forest, on a picnic, riding a bicycle. Breathes here in a special way. Residents of the complex emphasize that there is no such clean and fresh air in any other point of the city.

Yaninsky cascade: the developer

At the moment the architecture of the microdistrictsufficiently developed. Residents of new buildings note that during the delivery of houses of the first stage they experienced a shortage of shops, but today the situation has changed radically. In the immediate vicinity are built excellent shopping and entertainment complexes, as the delivery of objects there are new areas and recreation areas, sports grounds, stadiums. The district polyclinic, according to the residents, is quite good. For car owners is designed four-story parking.

Apartments, lay-out

The layout of the "Yaninsky Cascade" is of interestpotential buyers of real estate are not less than other components. New settlers are waiting for more than one and a half thousand apartments with modern planning solutions. All the residents of the houses of the first stage had time to estimate the spaciousness of the apartments. "Yaninsky cascade-2" was also commissioned in 2015. Almost all apartments have already been sold. That is why, if you are still looking for an apartment in a picturesque area of ​​St. Petersburg, pay attention to LCD "Yaninskiy kaskad-3." It is necessary to hurry up, in fact the quantity of free apartments every day only decreases. Want to get acquainted with the planning decisions of the "Yaninsky Cascade-3"?

The layout of the "Yaninsky cascade"

Huge popularity is currently enjoyed by studio apartments with an area of ​​27 m2- an excellent option for honeymooners whoonly begin to live together and expect to finally separate from their parents. By combining the bathroom and the toilet, it was possible to free space and increase the living room area. For families with young children a great option will be comfortable "kopeck piece". Spacious kitchens that will be a great place to receive guests, isolated rooms, separate bathroom and balcony with an excellent view - something that will satisfy the taste preferences of every modern resident of the metropolis. Residents of the LCD "Yaninsky cascade-2" emphasize that they found a dream apartment for themselves, and beautiful soundproofing provided peace and comfort. The main feature of the project are storage rooms that save residents from cluttering up things: now it is not difficult to organize a convenient and outwardly aesthetic storage system.


All construction work is done qualitatively. Residents of the houses of the first stage note that during the acceptance of the property they did not notice any flaws. All apartments are rented without finishing, which provides the widest opportunities for the implementation of design projects.

LCD "Yaninsky cascade"

Price list

Currently, you can buy a studio in the LCD "Yaninsky Cascade" for only 1,500,000 rubles. The cost of a spacious two-bedroom apartment of more than 70 m2is 3 500 000 rubles.

Summing up

"Yaninsky cascade" - a large-scale project,implemented in the suburbs of St. Petersburg. The opinions of the residents are positive, many attract the picturesqueness and ecology of the chosen place, transport accessibility and developing infrastructure. If you are thinking about buying an apartment, pay special attention to the "Yaninsky cascade-3", which is scheduled for delivery in mid-2018. Moreover, as of today, you can buy an apartment here with a good discount, thus saving a substantial part of your budget.

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