Worst case scenario

It's good that personal life for a short time distracts from what is happening around ...
And parochial disassembly too. With all the small-town negativity, it leaves no sense of hopelessness, in some places it is even so absurd that it cannot but cause a smile.
But we live in Russia, and with all our desire it is impossible to protect ourselves with the shell of personal life or a fence of parochial problems.
What is going on in the world? Everything is bad, that's what ...
They plunged into their ears, and with each movement we plunge deeper and deeper. With these Fiddles ... Of course, I would like it to be a terrible dream, but the fact is that two dudes with Russian passports come from Moscow by Aeroflot to London. Stay at the hotel. Then they go to Salisbury, turn around the house of these Skripale. Then they leave for London and immediately back to Moscow. And later in the hotel room are traces of "Novice".
This is if large strokes. The investigation, as I understand it, has much more information. By the way, this is the answer to the question - how did they manage to convince the USA? - asked at a time when the United States announced sanctions, but we still did not know about these two "tourists" ...
By the way, they convinced both France and Germany and other countries, i.e.our efforts to split the gap between Germany, France and the United States have failed.
I was watching the broadcast from the "UN Security Council meeting on new details in the Skripale case."
Our Nebenzya looked pathetic. What does he have to do? Trying to challenge some details - ah, the corridors are similar, the shooting time is the same ... Sorry, baby talk - there these corridors are the same, there are many of them. And passengers simultaneously go on them. Well, i.e. All these clues are very simply explained right there, and our representative, who in fact has already begun to make excuses (and what should he do again?) looks pitiful. Well, or unconvincing, that would not hurt. These are the facts.
The worst scenario By the way, now, when I wrote, Skripale, bad, Russophobia, to do, of course, only, Then, London, Now, countries, tourists, time, more, war, sorry, very

Of course, there is only one way out, as in the case of doping, to go to an unconscious, insisting that they are Russians, but the special services have nothing to do with it. Not only do we have such ...
The problem is that the British seem to know a little more about these "tourists."
By the way, maybe someone was distracted, but we recognized dope. Almost in full. No noise and chatter on TV screens.
Now the Russian pro-government media explain any accusation of Russophobia and other nonsense. Although, in fact, there is a certain amount of truth in this, but, probably, this cannot be called Russophobia.This is a complete lack of confidence of the Russian authorities, Putin personally. But how could it be otherwise after “ihtamnet” and “amyen-covering” about the same thing with a difference of a couple of months?
By the way, this total mistrust is now observed in the country, in particular in the field of pension reform ...
In short, everything is very bad.
Euro has already passed for 80, and a lot (
And this is only the beginning ...
Threat Today, when my son was 7 years old, he looked at what I wrote on this day in 2011.
Did not write anything. He drank brandy and kept his fists so that everything would be all right.
But a year later, in 2012, he wrote:
And what about the life of the generation, who is now a year, half a year, a month?
10 years ago I would be a cautious optimist ... Now I see that it will be difficult (
The more strongly I wish today's kids that medieval obscurantism, world crises and wars, interethnic and interfaith conflicts would bypass this generation ...
He wrote when there was no Crimea yet, wars in the Donbass, Syria, Skripale, the law of Spring and criminal cases for huskies and reposts.

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