Winter greenhouse with his own hands. Projects, drawings, assembly, heating

Many summer residents, even in winter, cannot deny themselves the pleasure to grow cultivated plants. In order to have such an opportunity in the cold season, a winter greenhouse with its own hands can be made. Plants will receive even more heat if the structure is provided with a heating system. For work, you can use the tools and materials that you find in your barn. To begin such construction, of course, is best in the warm season. The design will not work very cheap, because you still have to buy a covering material and something that will be the basis of the frame.

Selection of greenhouse varieties

winter greenhouse with your own hands

Before you build a winter greenhouse with your own hands, it is initially necessary to determine the dimensions of the future structure, which should correspond to the available area.In addition, you must consider which plants will be grown inside. Among other things, it is necessary to decide in which place the greenhouse will be located, and also at what depth it is preferable to place it. The design can be made in the form of a thermos: it should be deepened into the soil, but it is permissible to build on the surface. Some gardeners equip greenhouses in garages or sheds.

Preparatory work

polycarbonate winter greenhouse

In this example, the winter greenhouse with its own hands will be installed in the side part of the farm building, thus, the greenhouse will be adjacent to the building. Thus, it can be protected from the wind. In the role of the material, you can choose a brick, which will form the foundation of the foundation. The frame can be made of wooden beams or shaped pipes, while polycarbonate will act as a covering material.

It may seem that these materials are very expensive, but if you use them, you will be able to create a structure that will last for more than 10 years, which will save you: you will not have to carry out premature repairs. If you build a lighter greenhouse, it will not be able to protect the plants from the harsh cold and will not serve you for a long time.

Construction of the base for the greenhouse

greenhouse drawings

Winter greenhouse with your own hands can be performed according to the type of thermos, for which you need to raise the base. The foundation can be a tape construction, which should be deepened 50 cm into the ground. But the width of the tape can be about 40 cm. For the foundation casting, it is preferable to choose warm days. Initially, a trench is being prepared, the width of which will be somewhat larger than this indicator, typical of the future foundation. The bottom of the trench must be carefully leveled, as are the walls. Then you can proceed to the arrangement of the substrate, which will consist of sand. On top of the latter, you can fall asleep gravel. All layers must be carefully tamped. In order to make it easier to compact the sand, you can use the method of pouring it with water. Next, you can proceed to the installation of the formwork and the preparation of cement mortar. Although the winter greenhouse made of polycarbonate will be light, it is preferable to strengthen its foundation. Rebar must be used for this. There is no need to make any special ligation of reinforcement, as the foundation will be small.There will be no heavy load on its surface. After pouring the foundation, it must be left at least a week. If the work is done in a hot time, you need to moisten the surface of the base with water. After the foundation is ready, a waterproofing layer can be laid on its surface, which is especially true of the places that will be adjacent to the base.

Features of the construction of the basement and walls of the greenhouse

greenhouse assemblyWinter greenhouse made of polycarbonate must necessarily have a socle, the construction of which is considered one of the main processes that need special attention. It is preferable to use a new brick, but if there is a desire to save money, then you can apply the one that was already in use. The walls of the greenhouse should be raised to 100 cm, which is considered the most successful height. External walls should be erected in 1/2 brick, but if possible, you should make the thickness into the whole product. And the wall, which is supposed to be connected to the building, also needs to be built of brick. This is due to the fact that it will be necessary to equip the base under the frame, and in the inner space of the greenhouse the wall can become a comfortable place for the installation of shelves.It is imperative to attach a vestibule, which will be needed to save heat, as well as to store all kinds of tools, fertilizers and soil mixtures. The result should be a structure that has a wall-window, on top resembling a two-room apartment with one separate room. First there will be a vestibule whose length is 150 cm, and after the door there will be a greenhouse itself.

Drawings of greenhouses is preferable to consider before the start of work. This will allow to make the work correctly. The base of the greenhouse can be constructed using natural stone. It is recommended to install along the perimeter of the wall mounts, designed for the frame. To do this, you can use reinforcement, which will allow you to equip the dressing of the wall with the frame, it is permissible to use a steel corner, it must be removed from the brick every 70 cm.

Construction of the frame of the greenhouse

correct greenhouse

The assembly of the greenhouse can be carried out on the basis of the frame of any structure, but in the example the one that is made of wood will be considered. The use of this material will save: materials will cost less than if you used a profile pipe.For the work you need to choose a wooden beam, which is installed around the perimeter of the wall. Its fastening is made using anchors, you can use steel fasteners. After the frame is installed around the perimeter, you can mount the carrier, which is adjacent to the greenhouse. The resulting frame should be reliable. The frame under the roof must be installed correctly; for this, an angle equal to 30 degrees relative to the horizon must be used. The assembly of the greenhouse after the installation of the frame implies the need to treat its elements with antiseptics.

Carrying out carcass polycarbonate

winter heated greenhouse

The material must be prepared by cutting, and then you have to strengthen and seal the seams. It is imperative to provide for the presence of vents around the perimeter. It is important to pay attention to the tightness of the greenhouse. Due to the fact that the greenhouse is intended for use in winter, its walls must be sealed to protect plants from drafts and the penetration of cold. In order to eliminate all joints and grooves, it is necessary to use construction foam and sealant.Such manipulations are necessary not only to preserve heat in the inner space of the greenhouse, but also to adjust the temperature.

Internal arrangement of the greenhouse

The right greenhouse should be equipped most comfortably, for this you need to enter communications, water and electricity. In addition, you need to choose lamps. If possible, it is recommended to provide drip irrigation, but you can make standard wiring that will be fast and inexpensive. It is important to pay special attention to the soil for the greenhouse. Before using the greenhouse, you need to select the type of growing plants, for this you can use racks or beds. Soil must be fertilized in advance.

Heating greenhouse

Proper greenhouse should have the most practical option for heating, as such you can use infrared heaters. You can feed the soil and horse manure, which for 80 days will produce a temperature within 38 degrees. It is possible to use cow manure for heating, which gives out about 20 degrees for 100 days. In order for biofuels to burn out and emit temperature, it is necessary to lay it under the soil, while constantly needing to maintain aeration.Among other things, for proper heat release with biological fuel, it is necessary to ensure the correct level of humidity in the greenhouse, which should be equal to 70 percent.

Air heating winter greenhouses

Winter heated greenhouse will be most warm if air heating is used. To ensure this option, you need to use a piece of metal pipe, whose diameter is 60 cm, then when the length should be equal to 2 meters. One end of the pipe needs to be introduced into the greenhouse, a fire is made under the other, which will need to be constantly maintained. The air will be heated in the pipe and pass into the greenhouse. This method of construction is easy enough, but to ensure heating it will be necessary to constantly maintain fire, which is not always possible.

Heating greenhouses gas

winter greenhouse project

Drawings of greenhouses will help you to do the construction work correctly, but the recommendations for heating will make the greenhouse comfortable for plants. The most obvious advantages of gas are expressed in a stable supply. However, you must be prepared for the fact that gas is relatively expensive. But if the heating will be necessary only for a few weeks, then it is considered quite acceptable. To do this, you will need to use only two cylinders, they will last for a long time.It must be remembered that an excess of carbon dioxide can adversely affect the condition of cultivated plants, this suggests that the greenhouse must be constantly monitored.

In order to ensure the removal of combustion products, you must use an exhaust device. It is advisable to use heating devices that have an automatic protective device in the form of sensors that are triggered as soon as the gas supply to the burner is stopped.

Oven heating of the winter greenhouse

The project of the winter greenhouse can be made independently or entrust business to professionals. Furnace heating is considered today the most common for use in winter greenhouses. Such heating is not very financially burdensome. The furnace can be built independently, especially not hurrying. In the vestibule it will be necessary to install it, and remove the chimney from the greenhouse. This will ensure the release of carbon monoxide. Ultimately, you should get a distance of 25 centimeters between the firebox and the end wall of the greenhouse. You can use another option for heating greenhouses, which involves the use of capacity.It will need to be painted to prevent rusting. Inside the barrel to make holes for the chimney, expansion tank and stove. Among other things, there must be a hole for the drain valve, which must be located below. Any types of winter greenhouses can be equipped with such heating. The next step is to cook the stove and install it in a container. A smoke outlet is removed from the barrel, and a pipe is installed on the street, the height of which is 5 cm. On the barrel, in the upper part, you need to install an expansion tank with a capacity of 20 liters, it is necessary to make it from iron sheet. Then comes the turn of the profile pipe, it must be welded in the form of a solid structure and laid on the ground, which will ensure good heating of the roots. In order to ensure the circulation of water in such a system, it is necessary to purchase an inexpensive pump. For such a furnace, you can use any fuel, and the bottom valve will serve not only to get rid of water, but also to provide watering.

Winter greenhouses with heating should preferably be supplied with temperature sensors, a digital display of which should be installed at home.

Heating from an old fire extinguisher

Before you build a winter greenhouse, you need to think about what type of heating it will have, the system can be performed using an old fire extinguisher. You must first prepare the product. The top should be cut down, and the heat-carrier, which can be borrowed from the electric samovar, is installed in the case. In order to be able to pour water into the electric heater, the cover must be mounted on top. On the sides are strengthened two pipes that are connected to the radiator. Fix the pipes with a rubber gasket and nuts. During operation, the heater will begin to increase the temperature of the water, which will increase it inside the greenhouse. As soon as the water reaches a certain temperature level, the sensor will work, the power supply circuit of the relay will break, and the electric heater will turn off.

Heating with old pipes and heating elements

Regardless of whether the greenhouse is made of pipes or using other materials, the heating in it can be equipped with a tubular electric heater. For work it is necessary to prepare old pipes, welding machine and heating elements.In a convenient corner of the greenhouse you need to mount the boiler to 50 liters with energy saver. As soon as the water begins to heat up, it will rise into the tank and flow around the perimeter. The system needs to be equipped with a slight slope for a fall. The boiler can be made using a pipe of significant diameter.

The described greenhouse can be done by hand, for this it will only be necessary to use the recommendations provided in the article.

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