Why "two mayors" of Ekaterinburg?

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There were times when there were many random people among the governors of Russia: actors, crooks, dubious personalities. Naturally, the regions with such heads didn’t live better, but, on the contrary, plunged into conflicts of elites. Personally, I am pleased that now among the Russian governors there are no unqualified specialists without real management experience. Agree, management should be handled by professionals, not random people.
This situation is repeated in Yekaterinburg, in which there is a strange “two-headed” model, in which the head of the city does not actually have authority in the economic sphere. It is worth noting that Roizman was not elected as a full-fledged head of Yekaterinburg, but as the chairman of the Duma (yes, the title of the position is “Head of Yekaterinburg - Chairman of the Yekaterinburg City Duma”), which de facto has his office, salary, car, travels abroad, leads meeting of the Duma and signs its decisions.Since that time, the real financial and economic powers have been assigned to the head of the administration of Yekaterinburg (Alexander Yakob), who was elected by the deputies of the Duma from the candidates proposed by the competition commission (2013). A bit strange scheme - yes?
So, on March 29, 2018, the deputies of the profile committee of the Sverdlovsk Legislative Assembly supported the bill of Governor Yevgeny Kuyvashev. The draft law proposes that the head of Yekaterinburg be elected as deputies of the City Duma from among those proposed by the competition commission. In fact, it is about changing the name of posts and canceling the formal citywide election of the chairman of the Duma: the head of Yekaterinburg will simultaneously be the head of the local administration and be elected by the Duma from among the candidates represented by the commission on the results of the competition.
Moreover, as a result, the passage of potential candidates for the post of mayor of Yekaterinburg will pass through the "sieve" of the commission and, as a result, it is possible to choose the most professional and competent chapter. And it will be chosen by those who will receive a mandate of trust from citizens in the elections of the Duma.Indeed, everything is logical!
However, there are opponents of innovation. Mayor Evgeny Roizman and some deputies of the City Duma headed by him continue to insist on maintaining the direct election of the mayor. They invite Yekaterinburg residents to the rally. But let me, if Roizman has a desire to remain the chairman of the Duma, he can successfully get out a deputy and put forward his candidacy for the same chairman of the Duma.

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Why two mayors of Yekaterinburg 93

Why two mayors of Yekaterinburg 45

Why two mayors of Yekaterinburg 61

Why two mayors of Yekaterinburg 75

Why two mayors of Yekaterinburg 75

Why two mayors of Yekaterinburg 6

Why two mayors of Yekaterinburg 80