Why do we need geography in life? Why do I need to study geography?

Any science or area of ​​knowledge is potentially useful not only to society, the state or business, but also to any person. Over time, some scientific disciplines have been forgotten or have undergone significant changes. But no other science has suffered more geography from the unattractive and dry teaching in school. And many people ask the question: why is geography needed, if the teacher at the school did not inform anything useful? Why do we need this science, so far from each of us? Therefore, the purpose of this work is to demonstrate what a monstrous mistake is the rejection of geography.

why do you need geography

Geography and humanity

Modern geography studies the surface of the earth, the topography of the seas and oceans, caves, faults, as well as the population of the planet and its economic activities. It sounds quite chaotic and, it would seem, does not imply anything interesting.However, in these moments, man knows only a small part. For example, the sea depths have been studied only by 5%, although today there are ways to extract oil and gas from oil platforms, which provides a significant contribution to the economy. And what can be mined in the depths, we do not even imagine.

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Visual geoanthropology

As for the study of the population and its activities, there are few ambiguous points. But no one is going to correct them for ignorance of geography and because of the presence of state borders. So why geography? Perhaps, to tell people that in the 21st century 98% of the peasants cultivate the land manually or with the help of animals? What do cities with thousands of permanent residents form on landfills today? Or that half of the population of Africa eats 30% less per day than is necessary for a normal existence? Or is the life expectancy in the African state of Senegal 32 years?

The vast majority of the inhabitants of the third world countries are forced to steal or kill in order to feed themselves. Is this not the reason for the highest crime in the Philippines, Colombia, and Haiti? And how many states where people are legally killed? Of course, this is unlikely to fall into our news sources, from which we study the world.But we do not know not only geography, but also history, which is also sad, because it makes us live in ignorance. Why do we need geography? If only because she doesn’t keep silent about such blatant facts and helps us learn this in order to correct it. And what if not science can provide objective information?

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Economic growth versus geography

Ignorance of geography makes a person a victim of his own economic activity. Suppose today we are so powerful that we can drain rivers or destroy the delicate balance of the original habitats of animals, but man does all this without knowledge of geography. One gets the impression that short-lived economic benefits are put higher than the arguments of science. We have not yet learned to live in harmony with nature, but simply exploit it. Perhaps, in the question of why a person needs geography, the answer should be sought in the possibility of our peaceful existence with the plant and animal world?

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But economic growth excludes all this, and the economies of the world are accelerating, as money is invested in them. Investors want more, and order performers hunt for profits.GDP volumes are increasing, investors' profits are growing. But at what cost? Maybe we pay for this increase in emissions? Maybe pollution of water bodies due to the reluctance to install expensive filter installations? Maybe growing mountains of garbage on the outskirts of cities? In fact, for the expected logarithmic economic growth, we are expected by all this, plus the drainage of rivers and soil erosion. And this is worse than all known catastrophes.

What provided geography

We change geography, not knowing it at all, or knowing it, but disregarding the opinion of authoritative science. We also do not know that permanent logarithmic growth of the economy is impossible, and all economic activity is superfluous for our consumption. But it is not enough for undeveloped countries, whose development has previously faced the colonial expansion of the current hegemons. 500 years ago they knew why geography was needed, and because of what they were enriched. Colonial expansion in the world continued until the middle of the 20th century, becoming the disgrace of the whole world. But its fruits have ensured the good existence of the current industrial leaders.

why do you need geography in life

Today, it is presented as an incredible success that would have been impossible without knowledge of economic and physical geography. Only about the latter for some reason, many now forget.And after all, it is she who is able to find a solution to the peaceful existence of a person with his economic activities on the planet. Each piece of its land is already known, but due to ignorance of geography due to warming and rising sea levels, many new Atlantis may appear. This is scary. But it seems to us that such phenomena are very far from us, like the geographical concepts themselves.

The importance of physical geography

All the benefits of modern man have become available to him through the use, and sometimes tough exploitation of nature with its resources. It is already clear to everyone that they are not infinite, and therefore should be used more carefully. Why do I need to study geography? At least in order to be able to get more and safer, consciously limiting harm to the environment. Is it possible without knowledge of physical geography? Of course, no, and therefore a competent understanding of soil science, geomorphology, oceanology, hydrology of land, meteorology and climate science should help a person protect his original habitat from irreversible changes.

Major geography achievements

As with any science, geography has a lot of positive evidence of how natural resources and phenomena are used by man without harm to the environment.The fact of introducing wind and hydroelectric power plants with the aim of closing coal-fired power plants in New Zealand should already indicate why geography is necessary in life. It allowed to describe the natural conditions in this state by its own methods, on the basis of which a profitable for the economy and an environmentally friendly idea is synthesized.

Another interesting example of competent use of its geographical location is Iceland, in which heating and heating of houses is achieved due to volcanic activity and a multitude of geysers. Or for example, Spain, one of the leaders in solar energy. And there are many such examples. Each of them is indicative of the question of why geography is needed. Writing on this topic would be incomplete without specifying initiatives such as the construction of the Suez Canal in Egypt or the Panama Canal between North and South America.

These structures are examples of the competent use of geographical advantages, which, unfortunately, have become the cause of political differences. Suffice it to recall the “Just Cause” military operation carried out by the USA in Panama and the Suez crisis.Moreover, geography will always be confronted with politics, which, to our great shame, will win for a long time.

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