Why did I give him?

Alexander Yulin
Alexander Yulin
January 11, 2013

In the world it is so arranged that a prince in shining armor is most often just an illusion. And the blank for it is an ordinary liar in foil. Here the girl seduced by such "macho" also suffers. Why did I give him? This question is sitting in her head. Well, the main thing is not to repeat this error in the future and to understand yourself.

If you regret this useless relationship, it means that you have been subjected to a trivial divorce. You were deceived, and with the help of your own feelings and doubts you were manipulated. It is no secret that there is such a type of non-male men as pick-upers. Their goal is to get intimacy from the girl, posing as a handsome prince on a white horse. In fact, this "prince" carries the moral qualities of the products of the white horse metabolism. But only.


If you have given yourself to a man who does not bear any comparison with your ideal in advance, then the problem is only in you. Its origins are simple and traditional. As an example: an unsure girl has many sexual partners. And it's not about morality, but about psychology.Thus, a notorious person just wants to prove to herself and those around her that she is in demand and loved by men. As a result, it is simply used.

Another common reason is disappointment in the male field as such. Paradox, but the girl who has lost hope of finding her ideal of a man, can decide on fleeting connections with an unworthy guy: there is nothing to lose! She then will never meet him, and one does not want to be. There is truth in such doubts, but it is very subjective. THAT MOST does not go to clubs and does not drink beer at the entrance. You're just not looking there.

But the leaders among the causes of unreliable relationships are the men themselves, and the best representatives of them. The problem is that a beautiful and glamorous girl often suffers from loneliness only because a positive, noble guy is simply afraid to approach her or thinks that the beauty is certainly busy. So it turns out that this girl gets to someone who has no idea but sex and is not capable of.

Pseudo macho character


He always leaves the day after your acquaintance, even if he works as a cashier in a supermarket on a nearby street for the third year.He will tell you how good he is and that he will “leave tomorrow” forever, but he will surely remember and visit you.

Mama's boy suicidal

He will die without your love, but will calmly react to the way a crowd of guest workers undresses you. Such a character needs sex as quickly as possible. The tool of manipulation is the maternal feeling of a girl.


You run the risk of becoming a new toy in the hands of an immature and spoiled youth, whose parents have been luxuriously provided all their lives. Avoid such persons, so that the question of why I gave him, did not destroy peace of mind and conscience.

Remember that there are no evil tempters, there is an unfulfilled feminine essence. Do not ask yourself why I gave him. Ask yourself why you put up with such a life.

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