Why cucumbers have a lot of barren flowers: the main reasons

Many know the situation when growing cucumbers instead of a lot of fragrant fruits have to be content with two or three incomprehensible forms. Although everything was done correctly: the seeds were planted in time, the place was suitable ... And we got powerful stems with leaves and flowers, but without fruits. And the question arises: "Why are there many barren flowers on cucumbers?" To find the cause, it is necessary to learn the agrotechnical subtleties that should be used when growing this vegetable.

Basic requirements for growing cucumbers

Surely not everyone knows that cucumber is a tropical plant, therefore, is picky about heat, moisture and sunlight. These factors most often affect the ovary of flowers, and with a lack of one of them empty flowers on cucumbers are formed. First, it should be noted that the formation of the fruit, comes from the female flower (pistil), and the male flower (stamen) is necessary for pollination.Its most common name is barren.

why cucumbers have a lot of barren

On the stem, firstly, male flowers are formed, then they alternate with female ones. On the lateral processes and closer to the top of the stem, the number of pistils increases. The formation of flowers is influenced by the growing conditions, quality and variety of seeds. When choosing a place, one should proceed from the fact that this plant is sun-loving, and in a shaded place there will be a small number of ovaries. Many people wonder why there are a lot of barren flowers on cucumbers, if all the agrotechnical requirements were met. It is worth noting that weather conditions also have an impact on the development of the vegetable.

The temperature of day and night (the higher they are, the more active female flowers are formed), the presence of nitrogen in the soil, and the amount of sunlight influence the pestle tab. If the weather is predominantly cold and wet, there is no balance between the fertilizers applied, the plants are planted close to each other, then the stamens grow predominantly. In addition to weather conditions, there are many factors that affect the formation of male flowers.

Seed selection

When choosing seeds, one should take into account not only their variety, but also their age.80% of all gardeners who ask why there are a lot of barren flowers on cucumbers,planted fresh seeds. This is the main cause of infertility. For a good harvest should be planted seeds with a 2-4-year shelf life. If it is not possible to wait, the seeds should be subjected to heat treatment. The best option is to put in the fabric and hang near the heating system for 3 months. So seeds "will grow old", having increased productivity.

why cucumbers have a lot of barren

Pustules on cucumbers: the causes of

The predominance of male flowers can provoke irrigation of seedlings with cold water. This is absolutely impossible to do. The water temperature should not be below 20 degrees, especially in the first time after transplanting or sprouting. Watering plants in the late evening, too, should not be. It is important to observe the mode of watering. During the growth of both the stem and the fruit, watering should be sufficient (every day), but during flowering it is necessary to limit the flow of moisture, thereby causing the formation of female flowers. If you use warm water and abide by the mode of irrigation, the question of why there is a lot of barren flowers on cucumbers will lose relevance.

do you need post-flowers cucumber

Pinching the top of the main stem, you can also accelerate the development of female flowers with ovaries. With this method, side shoots, on which pistils are mainly formed, begin to actively grow.

Does the cucumber need empty flowers?

Many gardeners, not knowing the reason why cucumbers have a lot of barren, begin to remove it. However, they are greatly mistaken when they believe that by removing male flowers, they will provoke the formation of female ovaries. Without wasteland, full-blown pollination is impossible. After a few days after they appear, they turn yellow and disappear.

Why a lot of barren flowers on cucumbers in the greenhouse

Often when growing vegetables in a greenhouse, a situation arises when cucumber seedlings grow well, forming a strong stem and large leaves, but there are no ovaries. As a rule, the main reason is that pollination did not occur. There are varieties that form fruits without pollination, but the bulk is the bee-pollinated species. When growing cucumbers in a greenhouse, it is necessary to open it, allowing insects to penetrate inside. You can attract bees by putting dandelion bouquets in the greenhouse or sprinkling the leaves of the plant with a weak solution of honey and water. You should not leave a container with sugar syrup or honey, becausethe bees, having accepted the "treat", will not conduct the pollination of the flowers themselves. You can also artificially pollinate the pistils, but this process is quite laborious, requiring certain knowledge and skills.

why a lot of barren flowers on cucumbers in the greenhouse

The influence of weather factors on the growth of greenhouse vegetables

However, there is another reason why cucumbers have many barren flowers. Very often on hot summer days the temperature inside the greenhouse reaches high values. This contributes to the fact that the resulting ovary turns yellow and disappears. Therefore, to obtain a good harvest, it is necessary to ensure that the temperature does not exceed 35 degrees.Do you need empty cucumber?High humidity and nutrient deficiencies in the soil also become the reason for which fertilization does not occur. After the formation of ovaries, greenhouse plants should be fed with organic fertilizers once a week, and the humidity of the air during the whole growing season should not exceed 90%.

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