Who invented the pen?

July 9, 2014
Who invented the pen?

Ballpoint pens for writing, so familiar to us from childhood, are not the first pens used by humanity. We learn the history of these pens, see who invented the pen, when and how.

The invention of the fountain pen

The evolution of writing instruments goes back to ancient times. Then there were bone wands, and reed brushes, and metal feathers, and finally a quill pen. The latter were first used in Spain from 600 to 1800 AD. And the first patented metal fountain pen appeared in 1803.

Who invented the pen

The first real fountain pen was invented in 1844 by Lewis Edson Waterman, who was a trader of stationery. His pens used capillary system.

Who invented the ballpoint pen

The principle of ballpoint pens was invented at the end of the 19th century. A patent for this in 1888 was received by John Loud. The 1940s became significant for Laszlo Biro, when the modern ballpoint pen was invented, which you and I used to see from childhood.

Laszlo Biro - Hungarian journalist who was interested in painting. This person came up with a method of using a ball in pens, which, when the pen moves, will rotate and thereby transfer ink to the sheet. It was Biro who added a ball mechanism to the capillary channel at the handles. The inventor relied on production methods for weapons and machines.

A patent for a ballpoint pen was acquired by the British Parliament. Then used such pens military of World War II. And only in 1945, a ballpoint pen appeared on the US market.

Who and when invented the gel pen

The rollerball pen was invented in 1963 by a Japanese company called Ohto Co. In such a pen, a ball mechanism is also used, but the rod is filled not with ink, but with a water-based coloring fluid or gel. But the use of the gel in the pen began in 1984, it came up with another Japanese company - Sakura Color Products Corp.

Gel pens require more frequent rod replacement, but have several advantages:

  • require less pressure on the paper while writing,
  • hand strain less
  • clearer lines
  • colors are more varied.

And despite all this, the ballpoint pen Laszlo Biro is still popular and used everywhere.

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