White black wallpaper for walls - a stylish solution.

Many apartment owners are wary of using black in the interior, considering it dark, depressive, mournful and cold. It cannot be said that he is deprived of these properties, but at the same time he is mysterious and elegant. How a room in which white-black wallpaper is used for walls will look like depends on the dosage of color, its skillful combination with furniture and decor.

White and black wallpaper will change the style of the room.

white black wallpaper for wallsA skillful combination in the interior of an apartment of white and black color will make it refined and sophisticated. New directions in the design make it possible to widely use these colors, especially in the case of their combination. Black and white wallpaper for walls can create stunning visual effects. For example, they are able to expand or narrow the space, visually lower or raise the ceiling, smooth out or completely hide the corners. These advantages can be used in the design of any room, but it is necessary to adhere to some rules.

Black and white wallpaper for the bedroom

Drawing wallpaper for the bedroom can be very diverse: abstract or with the image of the city. Black can be described as emptiness, lack of color. To finish the bedroom, you need to select textured white-black wallpaper for the walls, and you can combine differently textured materials. For example, in the bedroom will look good textured wallpaper in combination with silk-screen printing, with the image of stripes and circles. Also for the bedroom is greatlight wallpaper for wallsSuitable options with a variety of patterns and prints. Decorate your walls and materials with neutral colors.

White-black wallpaper in other rooms

Such stylish wallpaper suitable for decoration and other living spaces: office, dining room, living room or kitchen. Not everyone decides on such a bold step, but once seeing such an interior, many become its true admirers. It is important to remember that when using white-black wallpaper for walls in an interior, it is impossible to clutter the space with furniture and various small accessories. In this case, the walls are a decorative part of the design.

Black wallpapers? Is it too bold?

black wallpaper for wallsThe best room to use black wallpaper is a bedroom.Such decoration will create a passionate, mystical setting in the room. In addition, black wallpaper will be appropriate in the room of a young man, because they will give the room severity and masculinity. In the living room black wallpaper for walls should be used very carefully - it is important not to overdo it with the dosage. The skillful combination of colors will help to achieve the desired effect. Undesirable such decoration in the hallway, because it is usually a small room, and with the use of dark colors, it will seem even less.

Wallpaper for a small room

In order to visually enlarge a room, it is necessary to use only light wallpaper for walls (pastel colors). They will make the room brighter, and visually it will appear larger and wider. If you are going to glue the ceiling, then make it a tone lighter. Thus, the room will stretch and will seem a little more.

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