Where to invest 500,000 rubles to earn? Where to invest money

Spending money is easy. Earn them much harder. Many of us would like to be millionaires, although the majority is not on the shoulder. But still, some people manage to go towards their goal, and, it should be noted, quite successfully. Or they just turn out to be lucky ones who get such huge sums in their hands. Whatever it was, the article will consider the question: what to do if there is 500,000 rubles? Where to invest? How to unwind and climb, as they say, from rags to riches?

where to invest 500,000 rubles to earn

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To increase the available capital is no less important than to earn or accumulate. After all, only a competent investment can guarantee the availability of a comfortable future. In this case, they will be able to create passive income, which will allow to get a certain level of freedom for a rich and fulfilling life. For several years, inflation eats up 15-20 percent of savings.Therefore, the question of where to invest 500,000 rubles and make a profit is more relevant than ever. There are quite a lot of options. All of them in one way or another deserve attention. But for the most comprehensive answer, the most promising of them will be considered, both in terms of earnings, and in order to preserve funds.

What dangers await us?

A person who has reasons to think where it is profitable to invest 500,000 rubles is of interest to certain segments of the population. And, alas, not everyone has the lightest impulses. It should be noted that the level of financial literacy of the inhabitants of the Russian Federation is not perfect. Therefore, it is necessary to exercise caution in order to avoid the clutches of scammers who want to profit at the expense of others. True, for the sake of justice, it should be noted that the danger for us is not only swindlers.

Investing is a whole science that requires knowledge and their continuous improvement. But not everyone has enough time to figure this out on a professional level. Understanding the basic principles will allow you to avoid common mistakes, as well as dispel myths and delusions. And further.Before you answer yourself, where to invest 500,000 rubles to earn, plan everything.

where to invest money

Victory loves preparation

Initially, it is necessary to determine the ultimate goal. If funds need to be multiplied quickly in order to spend on a major acquisition such as a car, house or apartment, then financial instruments should be chosen that will allow them to be withdrawn at any time. When the goal is long-term profit, then this requires conservative methods of investing. And a few more points:

  1. It is necessary to distribute risks in different financial areas.
  2. Need to use professional tools.
  3. In a good case, it will not be superfluous to attract a co-investor or partner.
  4. Invest only working capital. That is, the amount that is not intended to pay for food, medicine, apartments and other vital things.

It should be remembered that a priori cash deposits are a risky activity, which requires a sober attitude, cold calculation, balanced decisions and a sound mind. And now let's find out where to invest 500,000 rubles to earn.

where to invest money to work

Bank deposits

The most accessible and popular way among residents of most countries. This option is quite reliable, but not very profitable. At best, such deposits will be able to increase the real value of capital to 5% per year. Although if there is a question about where to invest money for a month to earn, then a bank deposit is a very good option.

It should be noted that this is an excellent tool for saving funds. He has no equal competitors. In addition, all official deposits of up to 1.4 million rubles, which were made to Russian banks, are insured. This option is suitable if you have in mind a good thing, but you need to wait a bit. And then you should think about where to invest 500,000 rubles to earn.

where to invest money to earn without risk

Acquisition of art and antiques

Let's talk about the peculiar currency of wealthy and rich people. Painting, antiques, collectible tableware and other valuable things - all of this is of interest to us. Therefore, having half a million money, you can seriously think about this option. But it should be remembered that this investment, designed for a considerable period.For profit in a few months or even within one year, this option is not suitable. But over the course of several years or decades, this is a completely different matter.

Let's look at a small example with the artist Pablo Picasso. His painting titled “The Boy with the Pipe” cost some kind of miserable thirty thousand dollars in the fifties. And after 50 years, it was estimated at one hundred and four million. The artists that are doing now sell their paintings for hundreds and thousands of dollars. And if you're lucky, the cost will soar tenfold. Or even more.

In addition to paintings, one should pay attention to books, antique furniture, icons, silver, coins, porcelain. If we talk about where to invest 500,000 rubles to earn, then in truth it should be recognized that this is not a very significant amount. But very often something big starts small. It is important to be able to understand the antique. Therefore, the profile of art critic does not interfere.

where to invest money for a month to earn

Investment in precious metals

First of all, we are interested in gold. This global reserve metal has become the answer for many to the question of where to invest money in order to earn money without risk.And even if the situation is temporarily not very successful, you just have to wait. In addition, there is always a person who will appreciate the gold bar. Therefore, to make a profit in this case is possible regardless of the situation in the country. It should be noted that the value of precious metals is not related to currencies, so you can invest in them at any time.

You can go in two main ways: buy bars or coins. In the first case, alas, there is a fly in the ointment - all operations are immediately taxed at eighteen percent. And this significantly reduces profitability. With coins this does not happen. True, if they do not have a collection value, then it may be a problem to find a buyer for them. Therefore, preference should be given to commemorative coins, and it is in them that long-term money is invested. Where else can you invest the amount of half a million rubles? Now let's increase the degree of risk.

Mutual investment funds

Wondering where to invest money so that they work for their owner? Well, mutual funds are a very good option. This structure is engaged in professional investment of the collected funds.Shareholders at the same time make a profit in the form of income from the completed cash transactions. At the same time, the relationship between managers and investors is governed by contracts. Assets are transferred under the trust management of experts. It should be noted that the mutual fund assets are highly liquid - your share can be sold at any time, if it seems that there will be a benefit from this. It should be noted that for mutual investment funds yield is not regulated. Sometimes it can reach 50-70 percent per annum. It also happens that a person loses his money. On average, the rate of return ranges from twenty to thirty percent. The best option is if managers work for commissions from profits. Indeed, in this case, they are directly interested in performing the most successful actions. This is one of the best answers to the question: “Where to invest money so that they work?”.

where to invest 500,000 rubles and make a profit

Stock exchanges

In this case, work with bonds, stocks, futures and precious metals is meant. Thanks to the opportunity to engage in this activity in real time, you can literally make a fortune before our eyes. But, alas, more likely, the chance of losing it is also high.In this case, everything is simple: assets are bought cheaply, then expensively sold. The difference between prices and makes a profit. If there is no understanding of working with securities and the specifics of stock trading, then you can forget about independent activities. But there is good news. There are quite a few professional assistants who can be entrusted with money management. They are known to us as brokers.


A capital of half a million rubles should be enough to acquire and launch a business that will operate according to the already developed and tested scheme of the parent company. True, franchises cannot be called passive income. After all, what kind of income it will bring directly depends on the level of activity. But franchises can be considered as an excellent way to save your own time, effort and money. That's where to invest money is most profitable if you want to try yourself as an entrepreneur.

As a plus, one should note a potential client base, a low average payback period, and, as a rule, minimal competition due to density limitations. True, to make their own changes are not allowed.

There are 500,000 rubles where to invest as unwind

Perspective own business

Very dangerous, but potentially unlimited in profit method. And in this case, you can do something unique and personal, and invest in someone else's development. Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities and investment projects. Some of them will be able to provide a good income. Others will only bring losses. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully review the current situation, assess the prospects and only after that make a decision. In addition, you need to understand that success requires strong organizational skills and perseverance. If nothing is not, then you should not even think.

But, let's say, if there is a person with a promising idea who has knocked out his own team, and there are concrete developments - then why not help them financially in the implementation of their plans? For a certain percentage of the profits.

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