When a man said that sex will not

Tanya, although she loved free sex without commitment, but considered herself a woman with principles. For example, with married - no, no. A married man, in the imagination of Tanya, immediately grew hoofs and a tail, and could not be a sex object at all. However, there was one exception to this rule.
This exception found Tanya online 3 years ago, when she was not married yet, but was only in the process of searching. Doubtful friendship spun between them. Doubtful - because I do not believe in friendship between a man and a woman under any sauce.
Here, as for me, was also not a friendship, but a surrogate. A 35-year-old divorced Muscovite, without children and alimony, for some reason he suddenly chose to communicate a divorced provincial, and with a child. And Tanya, of course, could not resist.
The capital Muscovite was secured, he lived in a separate, albeit old-regime apartment, and if I do not confuse anything, he was even threatened with a deputy mandate in the foreseeable future. Tanya just melted from such an unprecedented success, because she had times when she thought in the store a trifle, that was enough for sausages.
The correspondence lasted for about half a year, but I didn’t really outgrow anything, I was treading on the spot. Every morning, the capital Muscovite told some news, boasted, mentioned briefly known names and the opportunity to take a deputy chair.
In Taninu, life did not climb, although a couple of times he threw her a type of "debt" in a difficult situation. Return is not required. He called her friend. At the same time, he rested on being single, and Tanya went into the stream of compliments: "What a man, ahahahah!". Sometimes it seemed to Tanya that she only successfully set off the success of a Muscovite, and he needed him only in this section - to listen to compliments. Type sick rescued dogs. But she persistently drove that thought away from herself.
Then the Muscovite suddenly married, and communication became much more rare, but did not lose its warmth. Upon learning that Tanya was going on a business trip to Moscow, he insisted on meeting at a restaurant. Tanya agreed. Agreed, despite all the principles. Married, so be it. “Why should I even think of some alien aunt?” - in the end she decided.
I bought beautiful lingerie, and figurally tucked my pubis. She made an expensive styling and even put on her heels, which she didn’t really like in everyday life.
The capital Muscovite came for her, as always, generous, good-smelling, elegant. Gallantly courted, treated, rolled on the capital. Talked about his family happiness. He proudly emphasized that he does not cheat on his wife. I waited for Tanya to compliment about this.
Put on the train, kissing on the cheeks.
Instead, the girl hated him with all her heart.
- If he rudely insisted on sex, dragged me “to the rooms”, would go with his hand into the panties - that would have been all the way around. But, to the hike, this bastard only once again raised her NEF at my expense - that's how good I am, resisted. Otherwise, why did he call me ??? - howled a girl.
I agreed.

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