What to give to a friend for 30 years: original ideas, recommendations and feedback

Many often think about being a girlfriend for 30 years. This age is special for every woman, because there is already life experience, beauty is still not even beginning to fade, the level of wealth allows many people to travel and have fun, and there is still plenty of energy.

what to give for 30 years girlfriend

The choice of a gift depends on various factors. In the first place - on how close you are. The fact that you can give the most faithful and dear friend, it is unlikely to be appropriate for a friend, colleague, classmate. It is important the tastes of the birthday girl, they certainly need to be taken into account. Some things are considered to be completely unacceptable as a gift. In our article we will consider in detail what can be given to a friend for 30 years, and also we will touch upon common mistakes when choosing a present.

Special holiday

Some perceive the thirtieth anniversary as a kind of milestone, as if inevitably reminiscent of the transience of time. Therefore, the anniversary is a great reason to please a dear person.

Ideally, the gift should be a reminder of youth, not age. Choose what will bring positive emotions.

Common mistakes

Thinking about giving a friend a jubilee (30 years), many donors make mistakes. Think about whether the birthday girl will not appreciate your gift? Will he seem to her an unpleasant hint? Consider a few examples.

what to give to a friend for the anniversary of 30 years

Even if you pursue good goals and sincerely want your gift to be useful and necessary, you should not give a curvaceous girl a gym membership card or a fitness center, a sports suit or a guide on healthy eating. Such gifts are offensive and rude. Moreover, you may not know all the circumstances, because such problems are often caused by disorders in the body. A holiday is not the best reason to remind a woman of her troubles that are too wide.

A hint of motherhood to a thirty-year-old married woman who has no children can be even more cruel. If it seems to you a good idea to give a birthday girl something useful for a future baby, better give it up immediately.

There are a lot of similar examples and we'll talk about them, considering different categories of good gifts.

For the closest

There are many rules of etiquette and social norms regarding the choice of gifts. But all this can be neglected, if we are talking about the best friend. A person with whom you share the most intimate, have a common past, support each other in any situation, you can even give a gift that looks strange and trivial from the outside, but it will delight the birthday girl.

If you know best about the plans and dreams of a hero, take advantage of the situation, do not pay attention to any conventions and feel like a fairy. Even if your gift will be payment of services of a dentist or sink in the bathroom. But remember: firstly, this is permissible only with the closest person, and secondly, it is better not to advertise such gifts, devoting to the details of mutual friends.

what to give to a friend for 30 years original

Well, to decide what to give to girlfriends, in a relationship with whom you do not have such intimacy, will help our small selection.

Gift certificates

In times of scarcity and economy, well-meaning people often brought envelopes with money instead of gifts for the holidays. Suppose that the birthday man himself decides that he needs.

Of course, this idea is rational in some sense.She can help out if you cannot decide at all or are in doubt about giving a girlfriend for 30 years. But the notes folded in the envelope seem to indicate that the donor did not want to waste time on the bustle of shopping or did not take the trouble to think about the gift at all.

Another thing - a certificate. Today, the majority of good retail chains provide customers with this opportunity. At any convenient time, the birthday girl will be able to come to the store and take advantage of your gift, but at the same time choose what will be necessary for her.

You can choose any category of gift items: from varietal wines to pet accessories.

Service Certificates

This gift is very similar to the previous one, but the birthday girl will not receive goods, but something more. If you know that your girlfriend has long been dreaming about something, but cannot decide, a certificate for the service will also be an occasion for her to finally carry out the idea. Hair lamination, skiing lesson, tattoo, pottery workshop - it can be anything!

what to give your best friend for 30 years

Just imagine - your gift can not only give people pleasant moments, but also change his life.Perhaps the birthday girl lacked this magical push, and she would find herself in a new business. Well, or just prettier when it comes to a certificate to a beauty salon. 30 years is a great time for experimentation and bold change.

Kitchen appliances

This option is ideal for those who are accustomed to treat life rationally. If your hero of the day is deprived of prejudice that donating functional things is not quite decent, please her with a slow cooker or a combine. Usually, by the age of 30 in the lives of many women, a period of culinary experiments ends, many already know how to cook and know exactly what they want. For them, modern technology is a great way to use their talents and to please the household with new dishes.

Leafing through the catalog of modern technology or the pages of an online store, are you wondering what to give to a friend for 30 years? Ideas can be replaced every minute, because the choice today is incredibly large. If you are afraid to get lost, it is logical to ask for advice from the very birthday girl. Believe me, a person with rational views of life is not at all embarrassed. Yes, and you will be sure that your gift will be used for its intended purpose, and not gathering dust in the closet.

For a woman who does not like to cook, such a gift, of course, will not work. Rather, he will seem a mockery.

Beauty Products

Giving perfumes and cosmetics is a dangerous business. The choice can be successful only in the case when your girlfriend for a long time uses the favorite brand of perfume, you know exactly their name and that the next bottle will soon become empty.

that you can give to a friend for 30 years

With cosmetics, too, is not easy to guess. But if you want to choose a gift from this category, give preference to a series of skincare, rather than decorative means. By the way, many brands produce luxury gift sets, which not only combine perfectly with each other, but also look festive.

It is worth mentioning one detail. In no case on the funds that you are going to present to a thirty-year-old girl, there should not be any marks hinting at age! “Fading Skin” and even “For Mature” products are designed for women who are much more than 30 years old. It is better to choose cosmetics classified by skin type: “For dry”, “For combination”. In this case, of course, you must be sure that you know the features of the skin of a girlfriend.

Clothes and shoes

Is it possible to consider as an option for present outfits and shoes, deciding what to present to the best friend for 30 years? Of course, yes. In the case of the best friend, as we have already found out, there are not so many bans and restrictions. Surely you know her size, tastes, preferences and colors that go with her.

Women with whom you are not close, you can give except shawls, stoles, neckerchiefs. It is advisable to give preference to neutral classic colors, avoiding predatory prints, peas, large colors. Not everyone likes this.


30 years is a great time to start an animal, the dream of which has remained since childhood. By this time, many already confidently stand on their feet, live on their own territory and understand quite well what is responsibility for a pet.

what to give to a friend for 30 years is inexpensive

A kitten, puppy, fluffy rodent or bird can be an excellent answer to the question of what to present to a friend for 30 years. Of course, if the birthday girl really wants a pet and can provide him care.

Of course, such a gift must be agreed in advance. First of all, so that no one else from friends would have the same idea.Secondly, so that the hero of the day would be ready for such a surprise. Still, this is not a new thing in the house, but a living being.

Take care and that the baby will need for the first time. In the midst of the holiday it is hardly possible to quickly get a cat's toilet or food for an amphibian. Bring a small supply with you.


If your girlfriend at the age of 30 is full of energy, strength and longing for adventure, tickets to the concert of your favorite group can be an excellent gift. You probably know her musical tastes. This option can be a good option for those who are looking for what to give to a girl friend for 30 years.

Of course, it would be better if you presented not one ticket, but two, so that the birthday girl would not have to go to a fun event alone. The concert of your favorite artist will be a wonderful continuation of the name day and a reminder of your gift.


Some people do not tolerate platitudes. In the cycle of everyday worries a journey can be a great gift for a young girl.

Of course, everyone has different opportunities. Someone can afford even a cruise on the warm seas. But if this option is not for you, consider alternatives.Fortunately, many of them.

what to give to a friend for 30 years of ideas

If you are looking for an answer to the question of what to give your girlfriend for 30 years original, you can contact your local tour operator for help. A great gift will be a weekend tour to the nearest old castle, a house on the river, a festival, a spa resort. Even to give up in the neighboring city is sometimes very useful, such tours are very popular today.


Today, even in a small town you can find a great photographer who will gladly help your dear birthday girl to capture her holiday. Surely she will just shine in her thirty-year anniversary!

Such a move is especially good for those who are looking for what to give to a friend for 30 years is inexpensive, but original. Of course, the services of a professional and renting a solid studio will cost you a lot of money, but a walk in the park in the company of a photographer will not cost so much. And the result will definitely please the birthday girl.

Unusual things

And what to give to a friend for 30 years, who already has everything? The choice is not easy. You can have two options - to spend a lot of money on an expensive knick-knack or choose some completely unusual, special thing. You can look at the work of crafters.Today, unique items created in a single copy are very popular.

what to give for 30 years girl friend

A designer diary, a hand-painted silk veil, a hand-embroidered cosmetic bag, a set of office accessories can be a wonderful gift for a business woman.

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