What to give a daughter?

Parents always perceive daughters as their little princesses, who need to be pleased and pampered as often as possible. However, it happens that before some holiday there are absolutely no ideas what to give to a daughter. In this article we will look at several options for gifts that will appeal to any small and not very small princess.

Cosmetics and perfumes

Although in advertising and on television screens in recent times it has been constantly repeated to us that women are beautiful when they look natural, an absolute majority of the fair sex use cosmetics. Your daughter is unlikely to be the exception to the rule. Therefore, you can safely go to the store and purchase cosmetics or perfumery appropriate to her age. Now, many manufacturers even produce a special line of cosmetics for children.

Clothes and accessories

Another women's weakness is clothing, shoes and all sorts of accessories. Blouses, scarves, skirts, coats, and most importantly shoes - all this simply can not be too much.Of course, you deprive your daughter of the opportunity to enjoy shopping on their own. However, if you know for sure that she has been dreaming about these blue sneakers for a long time, or about that straw hat, why shouldn't she donate them?

Handbag or cosmetic bag

To have a place to put all the cosmetics available, you need a big cosmetic bag. Or a lot of little ones. And to the new shoes will certainly need a new handbag. You can choose a bag as a gift, based on your daughter’s personal qualities and hobbies: if it’s about a sports girl or girl, she’s more suitable for a sports backpack, but if she prefers to spend more time in public, give her a comfortable clutch.

Poster or picture

Many girls in childhood or in adolescence have their idols. If you give your daughter a poster with the image of her favorite character, actor, musician, athlete, etc., she will surely jump to the ceiling with happiness. If your daughter is already quite adult and you are no longer interested in such things, present her with a beautiful picture on the wall or her own portrait - every time she looks at the picture, she will remember you.

Plush Toys

Plush toys are just the very embodiment of maiden naivete and simplicity.They will be relevant at almost any age.


If you do not want to give your daughter a useless soft toy, give her a pillow. She can be made in the form of her favorite cartoon character or contain a cool inscription or print. In many ways, the choice of pillows depends on your imagination. You can buy a ready-made pillow as well as order the production of a pillow according to an individual sketch in the respective company.

Bouquet of sweets

A very interesting version of a gift that has recently appeared on the market is a bouquet of sweets or small toys. It looks original, and at the same time more useful than ordinary flowers, which fade in a few days.

Training apparatus

Girls endeavored to follow their figure. In recent years, it has become fashionable to be not just thin, but also fit, sporty. Therefore, a home simulator can be a good gift for your daughter. If it is too early for your daughter to exercise at the gym, you can buy her, for example, a hoop or fitball - and fun, and in the future will definitely come in handy.

Professional photo shoot

Unfortunately, we all grow up quickly and change very quickly. To capture your daughter in the time in which she is now, order a professional photo session for her with a make-up artist, costumes, etc. Daughters will have something to boast in front of friends, and you will have a memory for many years.

Unusual lamp

Girls love to surround themselves with beautiful things. Look in stores for any original lamp that would decorate her room. For example, lamps imitating the starry sky have become very popular recently.


The girls are always full of ornaments, all small things and little secrets that they have no place to keep. Give your daughter a beautiful box of carved wood or made in vintage style so that she can keep all her wealth in it.

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