What to give Libra?

People born between September 24 and October 23 under the sign of Libra, astrologers say, are subtle and creative natures. They are incorrigible aesthetes who can truly appreciate everything that is truly elegant and harmonious. All Libra are under the auspices of Venus, and therefore from birth are endowed with a refined and original taste, are prone to thinking outside the box, are somewhat romantic and sentimental.

Be sure to consider all of the above, when you decide what to give to Libra, and then your choice will be infallible. Although, we must pay tribute to them, Libra, unlike other signs of the zodiac, will never be offended at you, if you have not guessed their innermost desire. They just adore all sorts of surprises and will be sincerely pleased by the very fact of the gift. If your gift turns out to be not at all to the court, then in this case the delicate Libra will prefer to remain tactfully silent, and not to show his displeasure.

How to choose gifts for Libra

  1. You should not be directly interested in what Libra would like to receive as a gift. The question posed in the forehead, half deprive them of the pleasure of the expected gift, because, as we said, Libra is very fond of surprises.If you certainly want to fulfill the dream of a birthday, try to learn it in a roundabout way, so that Libra does not suspect anything ahead of time.
  2. Remembering the aesthetic inclinations of Libra, take care in advance about the beautiful packaging of your gift
  3. Given the love of Libra to everything elegant, choosing a gift for them, avoid extremes. Scales do not like all very trendy and outrageous, bold design experiments are not for them, they are irritated by too bright colors, too harsh smells, too loud music.
  4. For Libra in the first place is the quality of the thing, its elegance, quality of performance. Choosing a gift for them, be guided by the principle of "let it be less, but better." One cup of fine Chinese porcelain painted with cobalt dragons is better than a whole set of “roosters” faience. Give a lady born under this sign a classic Scottish woolen plaid, a dummy of natural white sheepskin, a set of tableware made of silver or nickel silver, a set of Bohemian glass goblets and you can’t go wrong with the gift.
  5. Think of the same advice, if you do not know what to give Libra to a man.Pencils or hunting knives, well-known and expensive brands, leather purses, cigarette cases, pocket flasks made of stainless steel, covered with thin leather - this is not a complete list of gifts for Libra men.
  6. Up to this point, we mostly talked about official, if I may say so, gifts that are appropriate in any cases, for example, when you need to give a gift to your boss, colleague, business partner, etc. Choosing gifts for a loved one, friend or a good friend, of course, much broader. We offer your choice of a few ideas that give the scales, which you have long been well known or your loved ones.
  7. Let's talk about men first. Give a friend a good set of tools if he likes to make. A mobile phone, an electric shaver, an expensive lighter, binoculars, a flashlight and other men's toys will always be a welcome gift for Libra if they look unusual and stylish, because the design for Libra is always in the first place. Give your beloved exquisite perfume with a delicate smell, ties and hairpins for them, elegant jewelry, if you allow money.If a Libra man has a car, give him a cute car accessory for his “swallow” and the birthday boy will be glad to be unspeakably.
  8. Libra girl will undoubtedly be pleased with expensive perfume famous brand, good jewelry, elegant jewelry and at the end of the day a romantic candlelight dinner.

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