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What to give a guy on February 14: 20 ideas for any budget


Choosing a gift for your chosen one for Valentine's Day is almost a universal problem, especially for girls, because they tend to keep all romance in a relationship and somehow express their feelings in a special way. February 14 is only once a year, but how much time and energy is spent on preparing for this romantic holiday.

What can you give a guy for February 14: a list of ideas

There was an opinion that men do not like to show their feelings, and as gifts they prefer more practical and useful things. But behind the iron character and stone face dreamers are hidden, romantics with a soft heart and a warm heart.

Wrist Watch

Wrist watch - a gift for a long time

Watch in our time - an integral part of the image, which emphasizes the status in society, complements the image. Their advantage is that the correctly chosen accessory is suitable for any style of a man: be it business or “hooligan”.Another advantage is that the watch will last more than one year. Of course, you need to periodically change the batteries and adjust them, but these are minor costs compared, for example, with a smartphone or laptop.

It is believed that the couple will soon be parted, if one partner gives another watch, but practice shows that it is not. If you are superstitious, you can cheat time and sell the accessory for a few coins to your beloved.



Gadgets like all men

Men tend to keep up with modern technologies and acquire new devices. Now the market of equipment and electronics presents a huge range. And what to choose? Decide on the basis of your man’s hobbies and interests. Do not forget to take into account when purchasing a super-gadget its technical characteristics and functionality, so that the gift was doubly pleasant.

Set of tools

Set of tools

In the house a set of tools is needed

A set of tools for men like a designer - keys, screwdrivers, clamps, etc. Does your husband like to make, repair or tinker with a car? Pick up a complete set for it with a special organizer, in which you can put the entire tool. This is both convenient and practical.

Men's Accessories

If your man prefers business style, pick up for him expensive accessories that will further emphasize his personality.

  • Yes, not all of the male half of society is ablaze with love for ties, even in spite of the fact that she dresses strictly. But there are exceptions. Your chosen one can not choose a tie to his favorite dark blue shirt? Take this for a note and present the gift in a beautiful package.

    Tie emphasizes the individuality of men

  • Cufflinks are usually worn with French cut shirts. They, like the clock, complement the image and emphasize the style of the man;

    Cufflinks perfectly complement the image

  • A tie clip is not just an accessory, - it has a practical purpose - it attaches a tie to a shirt. So the accessory will not constantly get out of the pizhdaka and swing. You can choose the original clamp with engraving.
    Tie clip

    The clip holds the tie while driving

  • belts can be found in the closet of any man. But this is not a reason to abandon the idea of ​​donating another high-quality leather belt, for example, to new shoes.

    Leather belt - a stylish accessory

Collage "By the places of origin of love" for romantics

Photo collage

All important events took place in some places - they should be on the collage

If your relationship has moved to the level where you live together, this simple gift will remind you of your first date and raise your spirits.

So, for this you will need:

  • Whatman A2 or A1;
  • printed photos (10x15 or less) of memorable for both of your places (the park in which you walked, the store where you first saw each other, etc.);
  • glue;
  • felt-tip pens of different colors and pen;

There are two options for the collage:

  • a collage of photos with small captions and pasted on paper on paper in any order;
  • The second way is similar to the game-brodilku with different locations. Each has its own picture and description. You need to make a similar map of your relationship, connect the places in the photo with arrows, lines, and write under each image what was there.

To keep the collage long, you can laminate it.

Concert Tickets

Concert tickets

A concert or any other event is well distracting from everyday life.

Men also need entertainment, it is also important for them to throw out emotions, get a shot of adrenaline. And not necessarily to be extreme.A concert of a favorite band or an exciting show program can give a lot of impressions. Look at the event poster in your city and buy two tickets for the event. In addition, all this is very easy to do via the Internet.

Valentine "I like you ..."

Big Valentine

On the reverse side of the valentine write all the good things about your loved one

With love about ... Make a big Valentine card, on the one hand, beautifully decorate it, and with the return list all the advantages that your man has. Write about his best qualities, for which you love him even more.

Home starry sky

Lamp Starry sky

Starry sky can be in your house at least every night

This gift will be loved by romantics and astronomy lovers. As you know, in the city, the night sky can not be seen because of the light of the streetlights. In this case, use a home planetarium, which projects to any surface a starry sky. Once a year, you can break stereotypes: let not a man, and you give him a whole sky with the stars.

Chocolate in a beautiful wrapper for lovers

Chocolate in an unusual wrapper

A wrapper for chocolate can be made by yourself

Option for busy girls, who in the course of the hassle and running around did not have time to buy a gift. Dear and ... delicious gift in the original wrapper.For the manufacture of such packaging, use a ready-made template or draw your own in the editor and print. Will only wrap the chocolate.

Jar or box with a delicious set

Box with sweets

A set of sweet can be bought, and you can collect yourself

There is not a lot of sweets, even for a man, so a large jar filled with various candies and marmalade will be accepted even by the most serious person with childish joy. In the shops you can buy ready-made kits, but they are small and do not differ in a special variety of sweets, so this jar is better to collect yourself from caramels, chocolates, marmalade, pills and other goodies.

Wishes Cookies

Wishes Cookies

Cookies with wishes - a delicious present for dreamers

Who said that men do not dream and do not make wishes? Give him a box of biscuits with wishes. Prepare everything for a soulful evening, create the appropriate atmosphere and hand a gift - a whole box with countless wishes.

Cup warmer

Cup with marshmallows in a sweater

Cups should also have clothes

We associate a homemade sweater, a cup of tea and cookies with comfort and warmth, so combining these components into a single whole will not let a person be sad. Give the guy a knitted hot-water bottle on a mug with funny inscriptions.Thanks to the sweater, the tea will stay hot longer, but it will not burn your hands on the cup.

Wooden puzzle "My heart"

Big wooden heart

Puzzle for two

Any puzzle trains ingenuity. Assemble this wooden heart together, picking up the details one by one. Turn it into an exciting game. For example, someone who misses his move, brings breakfast to bed or buys his favorite cookies.

Portrait in pop art style

Male pop art portrait

The portrait can be made in black and white or bright colors.

Pop art is an amazing style that combines originality and bright colors. The picture in this genre will be the subject of decor in the interior and will entertain male vanity - who will not be pleased that he became a part of art.

Travel map

Erasable World Map

From the card you need to erase the protective layer, as on lotto tickets

If your man travels alone or with you, you can donate a map of the world. It is covered with a special layer that is easily erased with a coin. Before giving it, do not forget to “clean” those countries where your chosen one has already been, and those places where he plans to go should wash himself.

Plaid for two

Plaid for two

Convenience for those who lack one blanket

Large, soft and such an unusual fleece blanket, so even with sleeves. It is rather a gift for two. Now, none of you will drag the blanket from one edge to the other.

Photomosaic from your joint photos


Picture of events from your life in a mosaic

The idea to create a complete image of a large number of small images came to the head of the surrealist Salvador Dali. Realize it, collecting your favorite photos, which capture the best moments of life together. It will look unusual, and the mosaic can be considered endlessly.

Give gifts to your loved one with a soul and great joy, so that they cause only positive emotions in both of you. Surprise, love and take care of your men, and not only February 14th.

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