What to give the girl 1 year?

February 16, 2015
What to give the girl 1 year?

The first birthday of the baby is a holiday primarily for parents. Usually on this day the whole family gathers at the ceremonial table. When choosing a gift, you need to consider that the gift will be assessed not by the girl, but by her parents, family.

The fact that you can give a girl for 1 year - read our article.

Gifts for the one year old girl


For the child one of the topical gifts will always be toys. However, when buying it is worth paying attention to the age category. It is best to give preference to developing games and puzzles with large details. You can also opt for cubes or designer for kids.


Girls at any age will be happy new doll. For a one-year-old baby it is worth choosing a small baby doll without small details and hair. An excellent option is an interactive doll. Also a good gift would be a doll house or a toy stroller.

Musical toys and books

Kids are delighted with toys that are capable of making different sounds.You can buy a soft musical toy or a toy musical instrument, such as a drum or synthesizer. And you can buy a music book with bright pictures.

Kits for children's creativity

Plasticine, crayons or finger paints - a useful acquisition for the baby, which will help develop the necessary skills of the child. The girl will be able to have fun while preparing various crafts with their own hands.


Any child will be happy to receive a gift for a swing. You can buy a swing for a house or street, if the parents of the hero of the occasion have a country house. An alternative would be a rocking horse.


You can buy a birthday girl game tent. Such an acquisition will be in demand for a long time, as children love to build nooks for games.

Dry pool

The playground is a container with multi-colored balls. The girl will surely be delighted with such a gift.

Children's swimming pool

And you can buy an inflatable pool. You can take the thing with you on vacation or put it in the summer in the country.


For kids, children's clothing is always a topical gift. Buy a princess lush pink dress.


If you want your gift to always be with the birthday girl, regardless of age, then present the girl with a silver pendant with a memorable engraving.

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