How to feed a calf?

Anna Yaroshenko
Anna Yaroshenko
May 3, 2015
How to feed a calf?

With the onset of spring on many farms, calves begin to appear. This event brings not only joy, but also trouble, because the calf needs special care and nutrition.

What to feed the calf, so that he grew up healthy and strong? Let's talk about this in more detail.

The first days of life

Immediately after birth, the cows are fed colostrum to the young. Feeding occurs at least 6 times a day. Vitamin-enriched colostrum gives the calf all that is needed for development. However, after a few days, it turns into plain milk, which is not enough to fully nourish the calf. It was during this period that farmers recommend feeding a baby.

Thus, a mixture of 15 grams of ground chalk, 10 grams of bone meal and 5 grams of salt will help the calf to get the necessary substances that he lacks for growth and physical development. During this period, the baby can be fed three times a day, without forgetting that the main product for the newborn is milk, which it consumes at least 2 liters per day.

Despite feeding, the calf sometimes eats paper, rags, bedding and licks the chalk walls. To prevent this, be sure to wear a muzzle to your baby.

Calf 7-20 days

During this period, the animal can be added to the milk a little semolina. It is enough to put 3-4 spoons per 3 liters of milk for the baby to eat. At the age of a week and more, you can teach a calf to soft hay. That it was not scattered, fasten small bunches on rubber. Watch how the calf eats it: in what quantity, willingly. Do not allow the product to lie around, so put fresh bunches of hay in order to avoid kidney stomach diseases. Greens help to populate the walls of the anterior gizzards of the animal with microflora capable of digesting coarse food.

But the 20-day calf can be fed with red carrots and boiled oatmeal concentrate. First, top-dressing should be 200 grams per day, and then the dose should be increased to 1 kg.

The calf matures

When the calf is a month old, he can be given various feeds. In the summer, it may be a vegetable food such as silage. As a rule, it is given after the calf is 3 months old.During this period, the animal's body is ready to receive ordinary food. To increase body weight, the calf is given concentrated feed, carrots, fresh hay, and whole milk.

From 6 months, an increase in voluminous feeds from 2 to 3 kg per day is allowed, plus the addition of extruded products such as grain, peas, barley is allowed. These concentrates are highly soluble in water and have high digestive coefficients. At this age, the introduction of starter feed is also allowed, which affect the growth rate of the animal, and also provide its body with lysine, methionine and other beneficial substances that are important for the proper development of the maturing calf.

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