What to do if a discharged iPad or iPhone does not turn on during and after charging

Apple has created ultra-reliable tablet PCs iPad and iPhone smartphones, which are used by millions of people. But for all their reliability, they also have weak points, one of which is the electronic power scheme. Its failure manifests itself in the form that the gadget does not want to charge after full discharge or turn on after full charging. However, this behavior does not indicate a serious malfunction. The causes can be various defects in the power scheme. In most cases, you can run the gadget yourself, without resorting to the help of a service center. The process of restoring the power scheme after failures is not particularly complex and does not require specialized training. It is available to any owner of the iPad or iPhone.

Reasons for not charging or turning on iPhone or iPad

The principle of the power schemes for the iPad and iPhone is almost the same and is based on the same element base. Therefore, problems with discharging and turning on after charging the battery appear in a similar way. The most common causes of a failure in the gadget's power plan are battery problems, software errors, and power controller failures. The first two types of problems can be completely eliminated, but the problem with "hardware", if the user does not have enough experience, it is better to entrust the specialists of the service center.

The gadget is dead and does not turn on charging

If the gadget is discharged and does not turn on during charging, it means that there was a deep discharge of the smartphone or there was a conflict at the iOS software level. To troubleshoot, you must do the following:

  1. Press and hold the Power and Home buttons simultaneously for ten seconds. The iPhone 7 needs to press and hold the Power buttons and "Decrease the volume".
    Download iOS

    Press the Power and Home keys simultaneously for 10 seconds

  2. After appearing on the display gadget Apple logo release the buttons.
  3. Check the full iOS download process.
  4. If the gadget does not start, you need to start and disable the silent mode on your phone.
    Silent mode on iPhone

    Silent mode on the iPhone turns on and off with a special button on the phone

  5. Repeat the steps from step 1.

If after these actions result is not achieved, the cause of the problem should be found in the power adapter or cable.

iPad and iPhone lose their charge much more quickly at low temperatures. When trying to charge the product after it has been in the cold for a long time, especially in frosty weather, the power scheme can instantly fail. Therefore, when entering a warm room before inserting into the outlet, the device needs to be heated for 20-30 minutes.

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The gadget is charging, but does not turn on

If the gadget is charging, but there is no reaction when trying to turn it on, this indicates problems with the battery. Since it has an immobile iPhone, and the iPad can get it problematically, some difficulties may arise with testing this part.

The problem with the inclusion can occur in deep discharge, if the gadget has been in a discharged state for a long time. Three best-known methods can be used to solve the problem:

  1. Replenish the lower battery threshold:
    • plug the charger into a wall outlet;
    • leave the device switched on for 6-12 hours to restore the loss of charge during prolonged contact with the mains;
    • Try turning on the gadget and checking the iOS download.
      Charging the iPhone

      To replenish the lower threshold of the battery capacity, you can try to leave the phone on charge for 6-12 hours

  2. If after this time the phone does not turn on, check the level of current that the charger gives:
    • check the charger on another smartphone;
    • connect a known good charger to the gadget;
    • leave the device on charge with this device for 6-8 hours;
    • enable gadget;
    • check the duration of conservation of energy.
  3. Use DFU mode:
    • Put the gadget on charge for 6-8 hours to fully charge the battery;
    • Install the latest version of the iTunes media application on the personal computer and start it;
    • connect the gadget to the computer via a USB cable;
    • simultaneously press the Power and Home keys and hold them for 10 seconds;
    • Release the Power key, press the Home key for another 15 seconds;
      DFU mode

      To enter DFU mode after the standard procedure of starting forced loading, hold the Home button for another 15 seconds

    • if the display shows a message that the device is ready to be restored, click on the "Restore" button;
    • after the recovery process is completed, enable the gadget.

Rapid discharge of a charged battery can indicate that it's time to replace it. Most susceptible to such a defect in the battery of gadgets, for charging which are used non-original chargers. The thing is that they can give out too much or, conversely, a very small current that does not fit the manufacturer's range. This has a very negative effect on the capacity of the battery and leads to its premature wear.

If the original power adapter fails and it is impossible to repair it, you must purchase a similar one in a specialized store.

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The gadget does not charge and does not turn on

In some cases, the device may not be charged and not turned on or off immediately after charging begins. The cause of the malfunction may be three elements:

  • battery;
  • non-original charging;
  • power controller.

A user who has encountered a problem when the gadget does not charge and does not turn on, it's best to contact the service center for product diagnostics and repair. Trying to repair the gadget yourself can lead to irreversible consequences. If the gadget is under warranty, then opening the case will be the basis for termination of warranty service. Then repair the product at your own expense.

You can carry out repairs yourself only in the event that the device is removed from warranty service after the expiration of the prescribed warranty period and you have the relevant experience and training.

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Software and electronic components malfunctions

Sometimes there are problems with the inclusion of the device and its charging, due to errors in the installed software.

Failures in firmware or application operation

The most typical problems for this group are the following:

  1. The Apple logo appears on the display of the gadget, but when you press the Power key, the machine does not turn on. In this case it is necessary:
    • perform a forced reboot by simultaneously pressing the Home and Power keys;
    • if the problem persists, update the device software;
      IPhone hangs with the Apple logo on the screen

      If your smartphone hangs and the Apple logo appears on the screen, it makes sense to update the firmware of the device

    • Plug the power adapter into a power outlet and charge the battery;
    • turn on the device.
  2. The battery is completely depleted. You need to do the following:
    • plug in the power adapter and charge the device for 15-30 minutes;
    • Try to turn on the device;
    • the icon of the empty battery should appear on the display - this means that charging is in progress and the gadget will soon turn on;
      Charging iPhone with a discharged battery

      If the empty battery icon appears on the screen, the phone will soon turn on

    • if the empty battery icon appears on the display, the electric plug and the arrow that indicates the lightning, then it takes another 4-6 hours to charge, since there is a deep discharge or the battery has not been recharged for a long time;
      Deep discharge indication

      If the symbols of the electrical plug and the arrow that indicates the lightning are displayed on the screen, then the battery is completely discharged and its capacity needs to be restored

    • after fully charging, turn on the device.
  3. The device does not turn on after a software failure and does not respond to the Power button. We perform the following operations:
    • hard reboot, for which we press the Home and Power keys simultaneously for 10 seconds;
    • connection of the device to the mains.

      You can not throw a gadget for a long time in a discharged state. This is not the best way to affect the battery capacity. If the battery is recharged in a timely manner, the battery life is extended to the nominal value.

  4. The device is fully charged, but does not turn on because of a software failure. Just like in the previous case, we perform a hard reset.

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When it is necessary to repair and contact the service center

In case of mechanical damage or failure of the electronic circuit of the gadget, it is strictly not recommended to repair it yourself or to involve an amateur specialist. This is especially true for products that are on warranty service.

In such cases, you should immediately contact a specialized service center.Service specialists, as a rule, conduct free diagnostics and offer repairs either under warranty or at a reasonable price.

Repair in the service center should be carried out in the following cases:

  • failure of the power controller;
  • breakage of the connecting loop on the main board of the device;
  • full battery life;
  • mechanical damage to the display;
  • damage to the USB connector;
  • malfunction of the power adapter;
  • damage or breakage of the power cable;
  • failure of electronic components of the device.

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How to avoid problems with the power supply scheme of gadgets in the future

In order to avoid problems with charging and the inclusion of a gadget in the future, you must strictly adhere to certain rules. The most important of them are:

  • Always charge the gadget completely;
  • Do not do frequent short-term charging of devices;
  • always use the original adapters and power cables;
  • Replace the battery only in the service center to avoid buying a counterfeit battery;
  • repair USB-cable or mini-adapter in the service center;
  • Check the connectors for connecting the cable and charger for any debris and mechanical defects;
  • If the power controller fails, send the phone to the service to get a guarantee for the installed item.
    Charging the phone

    Charge the phone to 100% capacity of the battery, without interrupting the process in the intermediate stages

If you follow these recommendations, then the gadget is guaranteed a long period of operation and trouble-free operation.

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If you experience problems with turning on or charging iPad or iPhone devices, the user is recommended to follow the steps that are described in detail in the article. It is guaranteed that in eighty percent of cases the working capacity of the product will be restored. The remaining twenty percent fall on mechanical damage and the failure of electronic components. Malfunctions of this type are recommended to be eliminated only in specialized service centers. This will protect against the use of fake accessories and will make it possible to use the mobile device for a long time.

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