What to do at the computer?

Everyone is so used to the PC that even its presence in thehouse and connected high-speed Internet do not always save you from boredom. Sometimes we just do not know what to do in the network. We offer you options for what you can devote the day, sitting in front of the monitor.

Useful lessons


Interactive training is becoming more and morepopular. Through the Internet, you can today easily view webinars (online seminars of one or another subject), learn master classes, play specialized training games, etc.

Most of the information is open to freefamiliarization, use, but some opportunities will be available only after payment (for example, webinars and master classes from professionals). Among the free portals for self-study, for example, you can select this one.

You can also watch cognitive programs,read developing articles. The first thing that comes to mind in this sense is, of course, the immense and multifaceted world of Discovery. But on the Internet you will find many other useful resources for intelligence. For example, a lot of interesting information is published on the site http://naked-science.ru/.

Reading and listening to books

Do not know what to do at the computer? Start reading! Along with the usual social networks for lovers of communication, there are communities for connoisseurs of books. One of the most famous home sites is LiveLib.

The books themselves can be read both online anddownloading on your computer, phone, tablet. Help in this, in particular, these sites: royallib.ru, mobibook.ru. And audio versions you can find here.


I'm tired of the boss, I do not like the staff,depressing the daily need to go to work in the office? Consider the possibility of working in a freelance format - cooperation through the Internet (usually without the conclusion of an official contract).

This is especially suitable for designers andIT specialists, make-up artists, illustrators, designers, translators, journalists and philologists and other professionals. You can find a job on freelance exchanges, for example, on freelance.ru, etxt.ru.


For those who can not bring themselves to beginactive work on your own body, a great way to spend time will be video lessons, shot by professional trainers. They can be found in large numbers on YouTube: FitnessBlender, YougiftedRussia, TGym and so on.

Recreation and entertainment

Communication with friends, like-minded people

With this, you are welcome to social networks and to numerous thematic forums.

Listening to music

For online listening to music tracks, you can use collections on YouTube lasting from 1.5-2 hours or more. Download the same music conveniently from sites like zaycev.net, audiopoisk.com.

Watch online TV

Here you will need to select those resources that broadcast TV channels specifically in your area. You can also watch some channels from their official sites.

Watching films

Many today watch movies through social networks. However, if your Internet does not have a high speed, then it may be more convenient to choose sites like my-hit.org, filmix.net for viewing.


MineCraft, NFS, GTA, World of Tank, The Sims, CS, etc. - choose any and enjoy!

Maintaining a personal blog

A very popular option for creative people,who have something to say to the world. The easiest option is to create blogs on Livejournal, Liveinternet, etc. If you want something more, then make your own website using the Word Press engine or more simple and free WIX constructors.

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