What stones are better to choose for arranging a bath?

When building a bath, first of all, our interest is caused by wood and building materials used for decoration. In second place is the purchase of accessories, but we don’t even remember about the stones. But they are the main element for the bath, because it is the stones that emit warm and healthy air. In simple terms, if you choose the right rock, it will increase the effectiveness of procedures in the steam room. So what kind of samples are suitable for a bath?

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Types of stones for a bath: characteristics, pros and cons of rocks

Strength, ecological cleanness and durability - such characteristics should have stones for a stove-heater in a bath. Each breed has its own healing qualities, so choose for yourself one that seems more valuable to you.

Modern bath

Modern sauna with steam room


Durable and lightweight stone, characterized by good conductivity of heat (it accumulates well and heats up faster than other rocks) and a variety of all shades of gray. Radiated heat from talcochlorite in its properties resembles solar energy, useful for the human body and contributes to metabolic processes, and the enzymes released by it help to strengthen the human immunity when heated. The steam generated by the stone is pleasant and “airy”, and so that the talc-chlorite does not “dust”, it is washed before it is set and calcined.

Such stones heat up faster than bricks and hold heat two and a half times more, which then gives off measuredly and for a long time.


Chipped soap powder for bath


Pyroxenes - the main component of the stone, in which there are few impurities, so the cooling and subsequent heating of it goes evenly, while the rock does not form cracks, chips and tears. The fraction has a high degree of resistance to mechanical and physical damage due to its strength. Under the influence of the highest possible temperature, pyroxenite is not “dusty” and is not capable of releasing hazardous toxic gases.Minus - the complexity of the acquisition.


Pyroxenite - a rare stone for stove-heater


Low absorption, optimum heat capacity and strength - these properties are related to the king of stones, jade. The breed does not crack even with sudden changes in temperature. But the main advantage lies in the healing qualities. Steam, which is obtained as a result of boulder reaction with water, disinfects and perfectly affects all human systems and respiratory system. It normalizes the biological composition of red cells and pressure, is useful in all diseases of the spine. But the price of jadeite is high because it belongs to a variety of emerald semi-precious rocks.

Jade is able to have a positive energy effect on the human body, so it was called the "stabilizer stone."


Jade for stove-heater

Sea and river pebbles

Choose a slightly flattened pebble, in any case not ovoid or oval, from which the necessary packing of a dense consistency that improves the heat transfer of the stove will not be obtained. Fractions are selected dark color with no blotches and streaks of red.These are iron oxides that are not beneficial to human health.

River and sea pebbles

River and sea pebbles for a bath


A stone with high strength comparable to steel, so splitting it yourself into pieces will not work. It is advisable to use jade in the bath, because it has a good effect on sweating, promotes rapid metabolism, and also heals the nervous and muscular system, improves the condition of the skin. This is an excellent remedy for fatigue, emotional stress and sleep improvement. Disadvantages: the breed is expensive and almost not sold in stores.


Jade for the bath


Breed with a fine medium-grained structure and a massive texture that does not have uniformity and cavities. Gabrro - diabase is strong, dense, accumulates heat very well and then gives it away. Its nature painted in a dark gray uniform shade and provided environmental cleanliness with a minimal radiation background.

The main advantage of the stone is its warming and low water absorption, as a result of which it produces the largest possible volume of steam. It does not contain harmful substances and has a slightly flattened round or oval shape.The stone is relatively cheap because it is mined in Karelia.

Disadvantages: cracking tendency, biennial lifespan and occasional splinter departures. Under the influence of high temperatures, the rock gives off an unpleasant, specific odor. Also, it is impossible to spray gabbro-diabbase with essential oils and fragrant tinctures, since in the process of heating a deposit will instantly form on the stone. Stones should be regularly sorted out and removed from the damaged fractions, which, when destroyed, release small sand waste that litters the grate.

This stone does not have medicinal properties and special decorative appeal.

Gabro diabase

Gabro diabase - the most famous stone for the bath

Wax jasper

Semiprecious breed, which has long been used in baths rich people. Her healing universal qualities are well expressed and used in medicine for the treatment of various internal organs. The ferry from the boulder treated psychological and female diseases, insomnia, stopped the bleeding and healed wounds.

Wax jasper

Wax Jasper - healing stone for a bath


In Russia, in the baths in black, this breed has long been used as a means of getting rid of cold.Chromite has no harmful radioactive radiation, has a high level of heat and is not susceptible to cracking. "Black stone" with high density has a relatively low percentage of temperature expansion. Perfect for use in the bath due to its affordable price and high medicinal qualities.


Chromite - "black" stone for the bath


The extraction of samples takes place in the mountains of the Urals with a high content of quartz. Quartzite tends to cool rapidly and then heat up, so it will never become the main stone for kindling a bath, but only with other rocks. Folk healers used quartzite to eliminate energy load or in diseases of the respiratory system.


Healing quartzite for lighting a sauna


In its composition there are no harmful impurities for humans and a harmful radiation background. Breed is not subject to the formation of chips, cracks and fractures even when exposed to high temperatures. Due to the significant heat capacity, the stone is preserved for a long time, and its thermal conductivity helps to give off heat well.Dunite has a positive effect on the circulatory, cardiovascular and nervous systems, the vapors that are secreted by it cure various colds and reduce pressure.


Dunite - "natural doctor" for kindling a bath


It does not possess therapeutic clearly expressed properties, but it is a strong and strong basalt of igneous rock, it has a good reputation as a stone for a steam bath. It does not “dust”, temperature drops are not terrible for him, it does not crack, it has insignificant water absorption and excellent heat capacity. The healing characteristics of basalt cope with the bacteria that are in the human body and on its skin. Black steam is intense and long-lasting: they treat colds, coughs, bronchitis, pneumonia, eczema, low blood pressure, migraines and inflammation of the joints.


Basalt - a strong stone for a bath with healing properties


It has excellent tolerance to temperature changes, remarkably retains heat, lasts a long time and has no cracks. Porphyritis steam cures skin inflammation and headaches, it helps to restore the respiratory and cardiovascular system.However, there is a disadvantage in it - it needs frequent washing and thorough cleaning. During the first heating, the stone produces a characteristic crackling sound, which disappears during its subsequent exploitation. Before each use of porphyrite, it is thoroughly cleaned to get real pleasure from the fragrant steam.


Porphyrite for kindling baths

Salt (salt) stones

They come from the distant Himalayas. The breed is used as a finishing material for a sauna room or added to the heater. They create a well-being microclimate in the steam room, which is particularly beneficial for the general condition of the human body. Steam from them heals the respiratory system, increases immunity, fights skin diseases and allergies.

Salt bricks

Salt bricks for a bath with a curative effect

White quartz

Outwardly translucent white quartz, consisting of oxygen molecules and flint, looks spectacular, but it cracks easily, is unstable and practically does not withstand temperature fluctuations, so you often have to touch the stove and clean the cracked fractions. The main advantage of white quartz is ozone, which clears our airways and has a rejuvenating effect on the human body.It also has a unique "piezoelectric effect", which consists in isolating ozone as a result of strong mechanical compression under the action of ice water, falling on the red-hot stones.

White quartz is one of the rarest and most expensive minerals, and also the best for use in the sauna stove, of all existing ones.

White quartz

A rare valuable stone for a bath is white quartz

Ceramic stones of artificial origin

An alternative option may be ceramic samples of artificial origin, which perfectly tolerate extreme temperatures and have excellent heat resistance. They will not completely replace natural specimens, but they are quite suitable for laying the top layer in the heater.

Ceramic balls for bath

Ceramic balls for a bath of artificial origin

Cast iron stones

Made in the industry, cast iron stones accumulate well, retain heat and heat the steam room many times faster than real natural specimens. Disadvantage: the human body practically does not bring healing benefits and quickly rust.

Cast-Iron Kernels

Cast iron cores for a bath


Promotes uniform heat transfer and heats up perfectly.In terms of heat capacity, peridotite exceeds granite many times. According to its structure, it is homogeneous and reacts to carbon dioxide. Thanks to this interaction, the air is constantly cleaned.


Peridotite - a stone for a bath, cleansing the air


Magnesite is the main refractory component of the rock, having a high heat resistance. For a long time, the stone is able to maintain the temperature without damage. Suitable for use in stove - heater.


Talcomagnesite - heat-resistant stone for a bath

Crimson Quartzite

This stone is a rare mineral with valuable qualities that is ideal for use in the steam bath. Durability, reliability, high density and resistance to open fire - the main criteria for crimson quartz, which will last more than one year. Even maximum heating and sudden cooling with ice water will not allow the stone to crack. And with frequent use, it will not lose its appearance.

Crimson shade of the breed looks attractive, so it can be an original addition to the interior of your bath. Thanks to the smooth surface and fine grain,Various decorative elements that adorn the stove are made of quartzite, and its properties help with various diseases: hypertension, muscle pain, coughing with complications and salt deposition.

When buying a stone, it is necessary to choose only whole fractions, since the split pieces will be very “crumbly” as a result of unnatural machining.

Crimson Quartzite

Crimson quartz - a valuable breed for a bath

What stones for a bath to choose: the main criteria

Let's see what stones need to be purchased for a bath, what to look for when choosing them and what requirements they must meet. The choice of the choice will help you check on the following criteria and professional advice:

  1. The form. For the heaters, fractions of a rounded shape with a smooth surface are used, contributing to better circulation and heating of the air. Resistance to the occurrence of cracks provides smoothness of the rock. The basis should be cheap and in some places the stab fraction, and on top of the most beautiful.

    Rounded smooth jadeite of round shape for use in the sauna stove

  2. The size of the rock is directly proportional to the volume of the heater, the smaller it is, the smaller the diameter of the stones should be.The ideal option for a bath is boulders of 5–20 cm in size, for stoves on wood from 75 to 125 mm, for small types of electric rocks from 50 to 60 mm.
  3. Appearance. Stones should be with the absence of mica, large fragments of another rock and inclusions. The presence of defects leads to the rapid destruction of fractions, their cracking, crumbling and even small explosions that threaten human health.
  4. Care. Each sample before laying in the heater must be checked for the presence of different defects. Replaced are all stones with cracks and chips. The use of essential oils in the steam room leads to the formation of soot on the stones, so they need to be cleaned and re-laid each time.
  5. Heat accumulation. This property consists in the rapid heating of the rock and the long-term heat release. The method of inspecting the appearance of the stones is checked according to the following criteria: high-quality boulders are dense, have a high specific mass and a uniform structure.
  6. Resistance to high temperatures. Fractions should not crack and crack. It is checked simply - knock the rock together or hit it with a heavy metal object.The second check - heat the stones red hot and plunge them into cool water. Quality factions will withstand such a test, they will not allow bubbles and will not crack.

A few general tips for picking boulders of any species

  • Sea stones are not the best option for the heater, as they are quickly destroyed. River fractions will be several times stronger;

It is strictly forbidden to use soft bottom stones, such as limestone, since it not only affects the human body negatively, but also quickly breaks down, turning into a soft, disgusting dust settling in the mouth of people who are soaring.


Limestone - a stone not suitable for use in the bath

  • For a mobile mobile bath you can take even the river pebbles or large stones that lie next to the place of your holiday. But if you buy stones for a capital bath, then it's best to give preference to store copies that are collected and harvested in strictly defined environmentally clean places, so do not have a radiation background and carry no harmful substances;
  • With an independent collection of stones, choose places not near the water, but in the field.Not a bad pebble lies under the power lines (power lines), which was covered in Soviet times;
  • It is impossible to use layered boulders of sedimentary, limestone and sandy rocks, because they have minimal heat resistance and increased hydrophilicity, therefore their lifespan is small. Granite is not suitable for a steam room, due to the high content of silica in it;
  • Do not collect samples near the railway, as they are treated with creosote, from which the steam room will be filled with an unpleasant odor. Creosote also releases toxic substances that are dangerous to human health. Poison, which will be released from stones with steam, can be fatal;
    Railway embankment

    Stones on the railway embankment are not suitable for use in the bath

  • Choosing stones in a special store, you need to make sure that there is an inscription on the package that the product has passed a special radiation control;
  • The time for heating the stones can be shortened by mixing them with steel or iron pigs;
  • A copy is considered to be of poor quality if a hammer makes a deaf sound when it is hit on it with a hammer;
  • Choose boulders of small diameter for an electric furnace;
    Electric furnace stones

    Stones for an electric stove in the bath

  • Sprinkle the fractions with decoctions prepared on medicinal herbs and essential oils that increase the healing effect;
  • Buy samples without flaws - they will last much longer;
  • 7 kg of stones is used for heating 1 sq. Km. m. steam room;
  • Before loading the rock into the heater, first check the fractions for defects. Immerse them for an hour in salted water, rinse well and dry at an ordinary temperature of +20 - +22 °.

The choice of bath breed is a serious and interesting occupation, when all the parameters of the stones are taken into account, therefore it is necessary to approach it responsibly and then your stay in the bath will be pleasant and rewarding. Also, correctly selected stones with healing effect will help restore human health.

Reviews of stones for a steam room

I had to change often in a periodic stove, where they heated up to white. They haven’t done anything in a metal sauna heater for 10 years. In my new bath I talk. It smells like talcum if you pour stones at zero. In normal mode, everything is OK. In the old bath the stones are collected on the field. Type of basalt. In the north of our region there are glacial moraine ridges. There they grow out of the ground every spring. A thousand years people gathered in the bath.Now laziness, we order through the And-no

Zdrastvvte to all. I bought a gabrodiabaz of 5 boxes of 20 kg each, it turned out to be not enough, but that’s okay, I gave a bath, and in the bath it was as if the bags of dust were shaken out, like before I put them on, I washed them, no sense, I thought it would smell, they say new stones as they say " they didn’t run in ”, and this boater continued, eventually we collected red stones in the field, they called them“ savages ”, threw out the gabro, and everything became the order of Chinarom. the neighbor over me laughed when I saw gabbro diabase, you say go and look at . q the way the same rubble sypyat, and in fact one to one. and rust by the way they actually get covered

I use the Karelian gabro! Nothing stinks! The first one stood in a closed stove for 10 years! Last year I did an audit, in a closed MP stove, several stones cracked, I took out a third of a bucket of sand. I also bought 2 boxes of gabro, added BU stone laid on top of a stove for incense! I stoked it once a week. I consider replacing it once every 10 years as normal. Even the heater must be inspected before!

I am very glad that, finally, we were able to get these magnificent stones. Before that, we had to travel to different places and see different saunas and heaters.But none of the materials used before gave such vigorous, soft and strong steam. Jade also struck us. So nice feel yourself that you want to continue to sit in the steam room and enjoy.

At one time, when I was faced with a choice of stones for a bath, I was advised to purchase gabbro diabase. As I explained, the material has a very dense structure and is able to withstand critical temperatures. I then decided to purchase a large batch - about 30 kg. But barely 6 months have passed, and I had to get rid of most of this breed. This vaunted gabbro diabase has turned into powder, ash, and other free-flowing substance. So, I personally convinced that it is impossible to use this stone for a bath. At first, we were very worried about the terrible smell, but then we did not understand that it was the smell of sulfur, which is in stone. After that, we decided to lay on the stove the usual gray granite and no longer knew the problems.

A couple of days ago we bought ourselves pebbles for our bathhouse. We wanted to immediately take a large batch - more than 200 kg. Therefore, we bought 20 kg of jadeite, which, as we were told, is the best material for a bath stove, it is mined in Siberia, and it costs more than others. The rest of the 200 kg we took the crimson quartzite. As a result, his box cost us 350 rubles.In the bath we have a harvia oven. Just now and began to drown. I want to think that they will not disappoint us.

When deciding which rocks of stones should be purchased for a bath, choose magmatic samples that were formed by crystallization and solidification of magma. Your lungs and overall health will bring one benefit. For example, stop at the jade, because it has all the necessary qualities so that the steam they make is healthy and healthy. The thermal properties of the stone satisfy the requirements of the lovers of the hottest couple.

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