"Avtopati" - what is this word?

Every day the great and mighty Russian languagereplenished with new words and expressions, the meaning of which is not always exactly clear to others. Many concepts came from foreign languages, retaining their pronunciation and meaning. Some have acquired a distorted meaning. Not completely understandable situation has developed with the word "autopathy". What this means, you will not understand right away. Since modern explanatory dictionaries do not contain such a word on their list, we will try to figure it out on our own.

Continuation of the party

This word is popular with the modern "advanced"parties. What is autopathy? On youth slang - the continuation of the party after its end. Such is the paradox. In other words, when the fun ends in one place, the restless company, wanting to continue entertainment, moves to another object, for example, to a nightclub.

autopath what it is

This explains the meaning of the word "autopathy".What is this distorted pronunciation of the English phrase after party, know not all. It can be translated as "the continuation of the banquet." In colloquial speech, there was a distortion of English words, which led to the appearance of such an expression as "autopathy".

What does this word mean?

The question arises not without reason, because the first part of it - "auto" confuses. It calls into question the correctness of the original interpretation.

Similar in sounding languageauto party literally translates as "car lot". Turning to motorists and connoisseurs of high-quality cars, one can learn one more interpretation of the word "autopati": that this is such an original car party for those who attend thematic events.


For example, an exhibition of sports and tuning carsand motorcycles are always attracting the attention of many guests. Even for those who do not have their own cars, it's always interesting to see a variety of models assembled on one site. The exhibition is usually allowed to sit at the wheel, photographed nearby and ask owners about the features and benefits of various machines.

what is autopathy

No less interesting can be a retro exhibition, onwhich are models of cars of past years. Many of these objects motorists collect and repair themselves. They can see the entire history of the automobile industry.

At the end of such events, alwaysarrange noisy and fun parties - autopathy. And the celebration of such a symbolic event as the day of a motorist, necessarily takes place with a buffet table, presentations, competitions and performances of invited stars. In a word, autopathy.

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