What is the specificity of philosophical knowledge?

What is the specificity of philosophical knowledge, for many students remains a great mystery. The skepticism of students receiving technical education is somewhat understandable and easily explained. Physics or techies do not need to know the particularities of the Plato or David Hume epistemology, let alone Heidegger or Sartre’s ontology When developing problems of the theory of fields or during electrical installation, it is hardly useful. However, let's see if this really is.

Specificity of philosophy knowledge

What is the essence of windows?

It is considered that the specificity of philosophical knowledge consists in the search for general patterns of the development of nature, including the essence of human existence. And if so, then these patterns are more or less refracted in physical, chemical, and social processes, which are precisely described with the help of specific scientific knowledge. Perhaps you can not argue with that. But we will look at the world through the eyes of a technical specialist.What is Windows? This is an environment in which there are various programs: packaged, gaming, specialized, scientific. In a word, any. Windows is not a special program per se, but no software can work outside of this environment.

Philosophical knowledge

What is the essence of philosophy?

And now let us draw an analogy with the world around us, which we are trying to understand, and thus, even if technologically, make your life easier, make it more comfortable. Therefore, a person conducts physical, chemical, astronomical, biological, pharmacological studies. The relevant branch of science is responsible for this. But besides knowledge, there is still rest, leisure, the desire to decorate your life - movies, music, theater, books. The person also seeks to streamline his life by inventing common, identical norms of behavior. Aesthetics, ethics, and law are responsible for this. But the task is: if the designated elements of human civilization are peculiar software products that model our being, then what is Windows in this?

Specificity of knowledge

And just here it is necessary to clarify what is the specificity of philosophical knowledge.Everything is very simple: philosophy defines the structure of an intellectual situation - features of the type of thinking characteristic of a certain territory and a relatively short period of time. Moreover, it is the intellectual situation that determines the range of scientific, and, strictly speaking, philosophical interests.

The specifics of the philosophy worldview

A bit of history

Let us briefly denote in this context the milestones of European history. It all started with the ancient cosmologism, who asked the question: "What is it all about?" Hence the first basic laws of nature and the universal philosophical concepts of ancient Greece. After the fall of the Greek polis and the arrival of the Roman Empire, it was time to withdraw into ourselves, to aesthetic minimization, the rule of universal law and the birth of science. Philosophical knowledge has lost its original form, the process of self-determination of philosophy has begun. This was followed by the failure and formation of a new world, which was replaced by logicism and cognitivism. The Middle Ages surrounded itself with scholasticism and mathematics as the most abstract science. The specificity of the philosophical worldview of the humanist era led to the birth of new sciences. Aesthetics also moved to the status of classics.But it was the era of rationalism that produced the first technological revolution, formed the foundations of bourgeois law and the model of modern economic development. Next - positivism and the corresponding technological process. Now dominated by linguistic philosophy with its aggression to the analysis of sign systems. As a result - the development of interactive technologies.

World of tolerance

It turns out that the specificity of philosophical knowledge is precisely to unwittingly, but legally and effectively, guide our actions. By the way, it is no wonder that in the field of legal philosophy they have already spoken of the fall of the pluralistic world. We did not refuse to live the legal space of tolerance and political compromise. And therefore they are searching for a new formula for coexistence. And only philosophy can invent this formula.

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