What is the problem? Meaning of the word

A person probably never thinks about what a problem is in the conceptual sense. After all, the main thing is to solve it, and not to be puzzled about the meaning of the term. But, in fact, the “problem” is a very interesting concept that can be viewed in various aspects.

A little philosophy

If you refer to various reference books and dictionaries, you can find out quite clearly that the translation of the word "problem" from the ancient Greek language means "task". From the point of view of philosophy, this concept characterizes a practical or theoretical question that requires a solution, and there can be several ways and results of a solution. It is in this way that the problem differs from the task, the solution of which can be accomplished only in one way. From the same position, one should take into account the correctness of the statement of the problem, because it can be concluded in the wrong questions that will get the wrong answer, and the result will not be a solution to a specific problem.

what is the problem

Life situations

How often people say in their hearts: “You should have my problems!” Without thinking about the concrete meaning of the concept of “problem” at all.Definitions of a word can be viewed in the everyday vein, when a person is faced with a specific task, which for some reason he finds difficult to solve or it is difficult to choose the right solution from a variety of options. Moreover, for each individual the problem or complex of problems has its own special character. To solve any problem, even in everyday and professional terms, you must first see the goal to which the solution of the problem should lead, then you can choose the path. The activity of a person, his self-development, as well as changes in the external conditions of his life influence his appearance of problems. There is a saying that vividly characterizes this peculiarity: "Little kids are little beggars." And it's not about the size of the problems, but about their nature and quantity.

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How are problems classified?

To obtain an adequate, qualitative result, it is necessary to establish the essence of the problem. This aspect can tell directions of its decision. The problems themselves are divided into several categories that correspond to different situations. According to the system levels (scale within the framework of humanity) they can be divided into the following problems:

  • global;
  • countries;
  • regions;
  • cities;
  • organizations;
  • the streets;
  • family;
  • personal

Each category includes several species specific to a particular scale. So, for example, global world problems can be divided into the following categories:

  • the gap between rich and poor countries, poverty, hunger and illiteracy (the so-called North-South problem);
  • biodiversity reduction;
  • ensuring world peace (the threat of thermonuclear war);
  • unauthorized proliferation of nuclear technology;
  • radioactive pollution of the environment;
  • catastrophic pollution of nature;
  • the exhaustion of fresh water, non-ferrous metals, oil, coal, natural gas, wood, non-ferrous metals and, as a result, the problem of providing humankind with these resources;
  • global warming;
  • ozone holes;
  • the problem of fatal diseases such as cardiovascular, cancer and AIDS;
  • the uneven demographic development of developed and developing countries, as a result, possible famine;
  • terrorism;
  • social inequality;
  • increasing unemployment;
  • violence and organized crime;
  • pollution of the seas and oceans;
  • air pollution;
  • Greenhouse effect;
  • acid rain;
  • danger of falling or catastrophic approach of the asteroids to the Earth;
  • global man-made disasters;
  • development of an artificial intelligence unfriendly to mankind.

Reducing the magnitude of the problem does not mean an increase in the simplicity of its solution and a decrease in the number of categories into which it can be divided. From personal problems are the problems of all mankind.

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Problem or not?

A synonym for the word "problem" is a task. If you approach carefully the understanding of these two terms, it turns out that they denote different categories - the problem can be solved by going through a specific path and reaching the goal. But the problem should first be dismantled for the purpose, to find the right way to solve it, only then to go through it, preferably not too strongly deviating from the intended path, only then get the result. If specific questions are identified incorrectly, then the result may be quite the opposite than it should have been. This is where the variability of the problem manifests itself.

Problem in problem

The concept of the word "problem" is interpreted differently by different fields of science. So, from the point of view of philosophy, the problem is the attitude of man to the world in general and in particular. It is on its decision is based on the worldview of each individual.The philosophy of different epochs and trends converges in the opinion that there are different reasons for each particular worldview. And it is precisely in defining the causes and foundations of the worldview that the problem of philosophy is formed. From here it can be concluded that problems can be divided according to the complexity and ability to make a forecast of its development and potential solutions.

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Creativity as a symbol of the era

The word “problem” can be defined as a multivariate problem with a solution and a result, although the specifics of the problem consist, on the contrary, in the only correct solution, which, undoubtedly, can be obtained by different methods of solution. The spheres of science and creativity, the worldview of each individual person constantly face problems. For example, literature is a field of creativity that brings together a topic and a problem. This connection is traced from century to century, uniting different epochs of human development. For a specific time there is a certain problem and a subtle nature tries to solve it with the help of creativity - literature, prose, poetry. Other fields of art are engaged in the same issue - visual, choreography, sculpture.If you set a goal and analyze works of art, you can determine for yourself the way in which a certain problem was revealed, and perhaps even solved. The meaning of the word in this context will coincide with the theme and sub-themes of the work itself.

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Obstacles in business as a philosophical concept

Another area of ​​human life, with which every man in the street regularly encounters, is a way of earning a living, that is, money. What is the problem in business? These are obstacles that stand in the way of obtaining material wealth. And there is another aspect - the risks. They make it difficult to predict the development of the problem. Also, the problem of business is expressed in the impossibility of solving it using the methods previously used in connection with the changed circumstances. Understanding these features allows you to set specific goals for obtaining a specific result.

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Scientific issues

Special mention should be made of the problems of science. Here it is completely unimportant to what kind the sphere of cognition of reality belongs: natural, technical, humanitarian or public.The main problem in this area is the substitution of the concepts of scientific research and scientific knowledge. The main area of ​​such work is ignorance, the search for certain components of knowledge that can make the understanding of the surrounding world more complete. The solution of a scientific problem is a whole complex of tasks requiring an answer to specific questions. The gained knowledge of previous generations is not always perceived as an axiom, sometimes in the way of solving a specific task comes the understanding of the fallacy of previous knowledge. In this case, the variability of the problem is also manifested - to accept a new one or rely on past knowledge. An important role is played by the methodology of a certain scientific field, based on target designation, conducting scientific research and testing acquired knowledge in combination with their application in practice.

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The main thing is the question

If a problem has arisen in any area of ​​vital activity, then one should first understand how large-scale it is and what components it can be decomposed in order to achieve the desired goal. The main stage of solving each problem, no matter how large-scale it is, correctly formulating the question of each component, then it is necessary to answer it by solving a specific problem.Only then, having gone through the entire sequence, can you cope with a specific problem. It should always be remembered that the question should be posed as accurately as possible, the final result depends on it. In solving each question, the main action is the thought process, even if the task is applied, not requiring certain knowledge, although even skills and abilities are acquired through certain scientific knowledge.

the essence of the problem

How to solve?

What is the problem? This is a problem to be solved, implying a potential multivariate outcome. To cope with this situation, it is necessary to isolate specific problems and solve them. Each task has three steps in the solution:

  • formulation of the problem;
  • task specification;
  • search for a solution.

The task can be solved both with the help of the thinking process, and with the help of certain physical actions, which depends on the goal to get out of the situation.

there was a problem

Folk art about the challenges

What is the problem in everyday life? This is a definite obstacle in the way of getting something desired, but it does not matter - materially tangible or something spiritual.People have long tried to relate to problems appearing in everyday life with a certain amount of irony, gradually relying on the phrase often quoted today attributed to King Solomon: "Everything passes and this also passes." Today, most often, problems are spoken about by aphorisms that have gained fame, taken from works of art, sayings of media personalities, or attributed to the sages of antiquity. For example, the phrase, said, as they say, by the Buddha: "If there is a problem, it must be solved. If it cannot be solved, you should not make a problem out of it." Or the words of Voltaire: "There are no big things without big problems," many are learned by their own experience. However, the word “problem” is perceived by each person from his own life experience and professional experience.

what is the problem


A synonym for the word "problem" is not so easy to pick up. Saying “task” means to miss the multivariate solution of the problem. After all, the problem must be solved with a specific result, even despite the possibility of several solutions. Using the word "difficulty" to replace the "problem" is also not quite possible, because with this word,most likely, it would be more correct to designate an obstacle to the achievement of a certain goal, like a log across the road. The same applies to the word "complexity", most often acquiring an adjective meaning characterizing an obstacle. Although in life, people very often replace the word "problem" with very different words, without going into the dialectical features of each term, starting from the literary "task" and "obstacle" and ending with folk art that has a non-literary (or even indecent) tone.

So what is the problem? This is some circumstance of a material or non-material plan that requires a decision. It has the possibility of a multivariate outcome, depending on the desire and ability of people to solve it in their favor.

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