What is faculty resume? How to write a resume

What is faculty resume? What to write in the achievements? How to issue a document? These questions, like many others, interested those who at least once tried to make their resume. This is a specific document that can be a good advertisement for an applicant, or, conversely, move him into the ranks of the latter.

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What is a resume?

The document, which summarizes information about personal, educational and employment data, is called a summary. Most often it makes up when looking for work. When making a resume, the name of the document is not indicated; the given information is headed by the surname, name and patronymic of the applicant. Next, indicate the age, marital status, address, telephone, e-mail, describes the purpose, lists higher education institutions and 3-5 last organizations in which they had to work.

It would not be superfluous to indicate additional skills, interests or hobbies, if they relate to the position you are applying for.Often, applicants indicate personal qualities, but it is better to confirm them with more tangible facts in the "personal achievements" column.

It should be noted that recruiters pay attention not only to the content of the text, but also to literacy, as well as general awareness.

Graduates of universities in the course of job search often encounter incomprehensible nuances in the preparation of resumes. What is the faculty and specialty? How to arrange the column "my achievements"? etc. If you have studied for five years at a higher educational institution and do not know the name of your faculty and department, this will undoubtedly cause a number of questions and surprise your employer.

What is faculty?

A faculty is an administrative unit of a higher education institution that unites several related specialties.

A separate faculty may have several departments in its structure and sometimes functions as an internal university institute.

What is a department?

A department is a structural subdivision of a faculty that conducts scientific activity and prepares students for a specific specialization.

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What is a specialty?

Specialty - this is the required amount of knowledge that the student acquires in the course of targeted training. The specialty is documented and spelled out in the diploma.There should also be information on the qualification.

Examples of faculties in the resume

What is faculty in the accountant’s resume? Although this profession can be acquired in technical colleges, colleges and colleges, as well as having completed special courses, you still need to graduate from a higher education institution for the position of chief accountant. Most often for the acquisition of this profession choose the economic or accounting and economic faculty and the department of accounting and auditing. If we are talking about a financial university, then the name “Accounting and Auditing” can have a whole department. Future cashiers, economists and financiers can also study here.

Fortunately, almost all higher education institutions now have their own official websites where you can clarify this information.

Sales managers most often study at the faculty of management and marketing, foreign trade management, logistics and tourism management, or simply management. Some economic faculties have departments of international or innovative management. Their prestige is quite high.

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Useful tips

In order to find out what to write in the "Faculty" column in a resume, it is enough to remember which faculty you studied at.If you have forgotten or there was only one faculty at your institute whose name is not known, it is better to find the official website of your university and familiarize yourself with their names.

Faculties and departments tend to merge, rename and abolish, therefore, updating information about your former school will not be superfluous either.

Information on the specialty and qualifications you can find in your diploma.

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How to make a resume?

When you have a clean sheet - it provokes fear when creating a document. Do not be afraid to write a resume, because in a pinch you can find a suitable template for you or a sample. However, this document should be taken seriously. First, you need to know the requirements, and they are as follows:

  • This document should be as informative as possible, but at the same time very brief, 2 pages is more than enough;
  • if you are just starting your career and there is nothing special to brag about in your resume, add a couple of points to your personal qualities and don't forget to remember your skills; Computer skills, knowledge of Microsoft software, organizational skills, language skills and everything else that concerns your future position is recommended to be listed;
  • resume is a business document, so it’s better to use one font and readable size;
  • Now it is encouraged and recommended to add a photo to your resume in a businesslike or discreet style;
  • All information should be structured, easy to read, the text should be error free.
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What should not be written in the resume?

  • In this document, it is customary to indicate the age at the time of drawing up; the date of birth is not necessary to write.
  • Indicates information about marital status: married / not married or married / not married. It is not necessary to paint the name, surname and patronymic of the spouse, just like their age, profession and other data.
  • The summary does not include information about parents, their last name, first name and patronymic, place of work, position and profession.
  • Information on educational institutions is submitted in reverse order. If you are a university student, you need to specify its full name and the name of the faculty. The name of the department is not specified. They write about secondary education only if you graduated from school with a medal or a special school.
  • No need to rewrite the job description in your resume, it is very annoying to employers.
  • In the column "personal qualities" it is very easy to overdo it, because the words "responsible", "sociable", "disciplined", etc. are not taken seriously by recruiters. It is better to look for a replacement for them or to present in the form of facts in personal achievements.
  • However, it is important not to overdo it with the latter, otherwise the opinion about you will not be the most pleasant.

For those who have not studied at the university ...

The question "What is a faculty in the resume?" most often ask those people who did not have to study in higher education. Therefore, in this column or put a dash, or simply it is not mentioned.

Faculties are only in higher educational institutions, so if you graduated from college, then indicate its name and its specialty. It is worth remembering that some colleges may also have faculties in their structure.

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How to write a resume?

Properly and aesthetically designed document will always attract the attention of the employer.

Now the name of the document is not indicated; instead, the name, surname and patronymic of the applicant is written.

The following describes the goal. It must be specific, that is, it is information about what position you are applying for.There may be several of them - this will increase your chances of employment.

Since the name is already indicated above, it remains to fill in the "address", "telephone" and "e-mail".

Information about educational institutions and places of work is indicated in reverse chronological order. If you studied in high school, then its full name and faculty is written.

If you have a certificate of attendance, be sure to include this information in the resume. It is especially valuable for graduates.

Additional skills will not be superfluous either. If you have a driver's license or own a foreign language, musical instrument, computer program, etc., and this skill will be associated with your future work, indicate it.

Now you know how to write a resume, how to highlight your strengths and hide weaknesses. Now the question of writing this document will never cause difficulties.

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