What is the estimate?

Nikolay Golovatyuk
Nikolay Golovatyuk
December 5, 2012
What is the estimate?

First, a brief definition of what an estimate is is a documented plan for the receipts and expenditures of the financial resources of an enterprise, institution, or organization for a specific financial period.

Types and structure of estimates

Most often estimates used in construction. The main types of estimates were determined for this industry:

  1. local budget - primary budget documents. Composed for a certain small amount of work, usually of the same type;
  2. object estimates are compiled to determine the cost of work and other costs for a particular object as a whole. The basis for the compilation are the initial estimates;
  3. consolidated estimates are made for a group of buildings, a work package. The basis is the object estimates.

Next, consider what is included in the estimate, that is, its structure. Despite the difference in estimates, there are common positions in their structure. The most significant of them are:

  • general information about the budget and its objectives;
  • the list of materials for performing the type of work
  • list of work performed in the framework of one estimate;
  • list of used mechanisms and complex equipment;
  • the total amount with the amendments: allowances, discounts, taxes.

What is a cost estimate?

This type of estimate is used not only in construction, but also in the public sector. It has three main sections:

  • general information about the unit, the sum of expenses by quarters and directions;
  • indicators that determine the need for the volume of financial investments;
  • the distribution of reasonable amounts of expenditure, of which, in fact, consists of the budget unit.

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