What is the difference from the automatic variator?

As a rule, when choosing a car, motorists can say exactly what they need, manual or automatic transmission. However, when choosing between automatic and CVT, difficulties are often encountered. It is difficult for an unprepared motorist to understand this issue, since these mechanisms, which are completely different in their principle of operation and structure, have the same function. And it is in the gear shift. So what is the difference between automaton and variator? How to distinguish the variator from the machine? In order to find out, it is worthwhile to look closer at these mechanisms.

Construction Specifications

The main elements of the machine are the gearbox and torque converter. The latter is responsible for the gear shift and performs the function of the clutch. The gearbox also contains all pairs of gears in constant engagement. This allows you to get a complete mechanism that has several steps at once.As for the variator, it is a mechanism that works without shifting gears. In it, the gear ratio is transmitted by conical pulleys, which are located opposite each other and tightened by chains and a metal trapezoid belt.

Performance specifications

Thanks to the machine significantly increases the comfort of the vehicle. In addition, there is no need to change gears, which allows the driver to concentrate as much as possible on taxiing the car. Also, the machine smoothly switches speeds, which protects the engine from overloads and protects its wear. However, due to losses in the transformer, the automat has a low efficiency, and this in turn is manifested by increased fuel consumption. Another disadvantage of this mechanism is the worst dynamic performance, compared with the variator.

What is the main difference

Let's see what is different from the CVT machine. These two mechanisms are difficult to repair. So, in order to repair a variator, you will have to pay a rather large amount, and besides, only official dealers are engaged in its repair and maintenance.The machine in this case is in a better position: it is better studied, which makes it faster to repair. It should also be noted that each variator requires a strictly defined type of special oil. This condition must be met very precisely, otherwise the mechanism may break. However, the transmission oil should be more precisely in the machine, and at the same time it should be changed more often. Manages the variator computer, while analyzing the conditions of movement of the vehicle, as well as selecting the optimal gear ratio. Due to this, the engine operation is carried out sparingly. In addition, the car with the aviator accelerates smoothly, without jerks. Moreover, the switching speeds while driving also occurs unnoticed. Due to the fact that variators have a large number of gears that allow the engine to work in a more favorable mode, cars with aviators are notable for their high efficiency.

The main differences

Thus, the difference of the variator from the automaton is as follows:

  • The variator has much lower fuel consumption than the automatic
  • Automatic does not give the car such rapid dynamics, as gives the variator
  • The machine requires a greater amount of gear oil, in addition, the oil should be replaced more often than the variator
  • Repair of the machine is much faster than the variator
  • The machine performs the function of shifting speeds, while the CVT works without shifting gears.

Now you can confidently tell the difference between these mechanisms with similar functionality. Having come to a car dealership, you will not look stupid, but will be able to communicate with the seller on an equal footing.

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