What is a tandem?

March 18, 2015
What is a tandem?

The word "tandem" (eng. Tandem) denotes the position one by one. This word has several specific meanings in Russian. Let's take a closer look at what a tandem is, what meanings a given word has in our language.Tandem indicates the position of homogeneous machines or their component parts one after another on a common line in one unit.

Examples of this type of tandem include the following:

  • Double bike or bicycle with lots of seats.
  • Tandem pump - steam-air pump in the train.
  • The tandem scheme of the rocket device - in this type of rocket, the stages operate in flight in turns.
  • In tandem ammunition are located behind each other combat units.
  • You can make a tandem flight on a paraglider, that is, together if there are two places in it.

Also tandem is called common activity with another person. For example, the study of foreign languages ​​in a pair is quite popular, when two people communicate with each other, speakers of different languages, teaching each other in the process of conversation.The tandems of the composer and the poet are very popular when they compose a song together: one - by picking up a melody, the other - by creating poems.

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