What is office work? Paperwork and workflow

The success of any enterprise lies in its competent organization. Both management and other employees need to know what is paperwork. What are its features and what documents are considered important in the activities of the organization?


What is office work? Any company, whatever form of ownership it has, operates on the basis of various papers. They are orders, letters, protocols. They belong to the organizational and administrative documents. Paperwork is the job of creating papers, which is carried out according to generally accepted standards.

what is office work

Usually in enterprises for this there are special employees working in this area. In small organizations, any employee may have the duties of a secretary. If you decipher the essence of the concept (what is paperwork), then the origin of the term will be clear.This is the preservation of official information on the material carrier.

In this process, an organizational-administrative document is created, thanks to which further actions are understood. The word “clerical work” appeared a long time ago, but only from the middle of the XX century it became official.

The basics

There are basics of office work and workflow for beginners. Thanks to them, it will be possible to learn how to organize a legal entity of all types. This is a complex process in which all management employees are involved. In one department they fill in and draw up papers, and in the other - they follow their movement.

Now there is a unified state system of office work, in which all the norms of this sphere are indicated. It is important to control all the stages that need to go through the documents. It also uses the state standard, which outlines the rules for conducting such work.

basics of paperwork and workflow for beginners

The basics of paperwork and workflow for beginners are needed to unify the filling of papers. This is required to ensure the comparability of information in one country and in the international sphere. Thanks to standardization and unification, it will be possible not to spend a lot of time on reports, since the procedure for familiarizing with papers is simplified. An example is the form with the details.They are developed for an individual institution, country or for several states. Blanks testify to the responsibility of the company. Before mass printing, you need to check the spelling of data.

Document management implies the mandatory registration of papers that are needed in production activities. Employee literacy is associated with the correct distribution of documents, their registration and grouping. Now various seminars are held, where they talk about the techniques and secrets of this profession. Human resource management is in demand because this area involves working with a variety of documents.

In this area requires competent professionals. In addition to basic education, they must regularly upgrade their qualifications and undergo certification. Employees need to work with the analytical field. Employees create the personal affairs of the personnel, supplement and update the information.

Their important function is to monitor the compliance of securities with the laws. Specialists should timely send outdated documents to the archive, where they are stored for the required period, usually not less than 5 years.Responsibilities include registration of questionnaires used for employment, preparation of questions necessary for the organization of the interview.

Record Keeping and Document Flow

At any enterprise one can hear such words as “record keeping” and “document circulation”. What it is? This work is done by secretaries, archivists, personnel department staff. Records management call fixing information, making paper and electronic documents.

workflow basics

It develops workflow. This concept is called the movement of the order, the letter from its creation to execution. Papers can be archived or destroyed. At the place of their creation document circulation can be external and internal. The source determines the path of the order, order, letter.


Paperwork and workflow is based on its rules. They must be observed in order for the company's activities to be legal. Internal workflow is carried out on the basis of the following steps:

  • Execution of the draft document.
  • Reconcile.
  • Signing the project.
  • Assigning dates and numbers.
  • Registration and execution.
  • Bringing information to the performers and control.
  • Fulfillment of prescriptions.
  • Registration and storage.
  • Destruction or transfer to the archive.

In stages, the external document flow is almost the same, but slightly different. Papers are transferred to the organization from the side. They are issued by higher and lower companies, branches, authorities, courts and citizens. They must be registered, which confirms their control. Then follows an introduction and performance. If required, a response is created. At the end of the paper is sent to the archive or destroyed.


There are other types of workflow:

  • Ascending - from employees to superiors.
  • Descending - from managers to staff.
  • Horizontal - with equal posts.

basics of paperwork and workflow

The movement of securities is fixed in special journals. They can make out in different forms, but now the most popular is the electronic document management.

Court Records

What is court work? The court case is a different list of documents and material evidence. Thanks to its proper storage and movement, the law enforcement system operates in accordance with the law.

Judicial clerical work compared to organizational is not voluntary.It is conducted by authorized persons, and their work is monitored. It also has stages, including the destruction of papers.

Secretary job

Many employees do not know the basics of office work and workflow. But the secretary is professional duties. These workers carry out the main activity of documentation management.

Basics of office work and workflow in the enterprise

In the form and work of the institution is:

  • Centralized - the secretaries are located in the same department and report to the senior specialist.
  • Decentralized - employees are divided into company divisions, therefore they are subordinate to their superiors.
  • Mixed.

The principles of document management in the institution are determined by the form of the secretariat. These workers are charged with the paperwork.


The basics of office work establish that every enterprise must have a regulatory act that regulates the movement of documentation. The Instruction on office management refers to an internal regulatory act of an enterprise based on an order from the management.

office work and document flow what it is

Paper has an indefinite effect. It indicates the origin of the document, lists of posts whose signatures are official. Instructions include design samples, forms, forms.

Record keeping

Basics of office work and workflow in the enterprise allow to carry out this activity correctly. In small firms, this work is usually done by employees or managers. If such a duty is not considered direct for the employee and is not specified in the employment contract, then an order should be issued to add such functions. The document should be written responsibilities, liability and compensation.

Principles of personnel office work

If the institution has at least one employee, then you need to create employment documents. Personnel records management refers to ensuring the movement of official papers relating to the activities of people. Responsibilities are performed by personnel department staff. They accept, process and store paper.

Their responsibility is to process personal information that is considered secret. In personnel documents, secrecy and compliance with the rules for storing papers are important. Basics of office work allow you to effectively customize the work of the company

record keeping and workflow

Although digital technologies are actively developing now, most organizations practically do not apply document flow optimization. This involves the use of paper correspondence and the maintenance of ordinary journals.The reason for this is the reluctance of innovations and lack of money. But management must take into account that optimization with small investments allows for a significant economic effect.

So, now you know the basics of office work. We hope the information provided was helpful.

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