What is NG?

January 26, 2015
What is NG?

This abbreviation contains several decoding, the first - the most common, the other is most often used in a narrow circle of regulars gambling parlors.

First value

The abbreviation "NG" is most often used in virtual communication to refer to the holiday "New Year". Sometimes an abbreviation is written in small letters or with large only the first "H". You can read about the holiday and how it is celebrated in our article What is the New Year.

Meaning second

What is NG in another meaning? In some online games, this letter combination means “new game”, although the abbreviation in this case does not meet the principle of using only the initial letters of words. Usually, “NG +” is written in the manual - it literally means that after a full load, the game starts over, but the level of difficulty increases: opponents get stronger and it will be harder to complete the tours.

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