What is kudu?

Alexander Smaznev
Alexander Smaznev
December 25, 2014
What is kudu?

Sometimes in life we ​​encounter such words, the meaning of which is absolutely incomprehensible to us. For many, such a word is, for example, kudu. What is kudu

It turns out that kudu is an antelope species found only on the African continent.

What does kudu look like

The body of antelope kudu is covered with wool. Males have gray-brown wool, females and young calves have a light brown color. A distinctive feature of kudu is the presence of thin vertical stripes of white color on the body. There are six to ten such bands. Also, where there are white markings on the cheeks and white stripes between the eyes.

However, the main feature of kudu is the twisted horns of the males. The horn of kudu is twisted in two and a half turns, its length reaches one meter (and if the horn is straightened, then its length will be almost two meters).

Types of kudu

In nature, there are two types of kudu. Great kudu lives almost throughout Africa (mainly in the eastern and southern parts of it). Males of large kudu reach a height of 1.4 m at the withers, weighing 250 kg (females up to 200 kg).

Small kudu lives only in Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia.The weight of a small kudu is 100 kg, females - 60.


Kudu live in savannas, eat foliage and young branches. Females and calves live in groups of up to ten individuals. Males are kept alone and join females only during the mating season.

Now, if you hear: “I met with kudu in Africa,” you will understand that this is an antelope. And do not confuse "kudu" with consonant "voodoo" (these are sorcerers, also in Africa).

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