What is good (definition)

A huge number of Russian lexemes have not one value, but several. The word "good" also belongs to their number. Is it possible to characterize, say, something worthless? It turns out you can. Although this value may seem at first glance quite the opposite.

Definition of the word "good"

The Dictionary of the Russian Language, which is commonly called Ozhegov's dictionary, offers three interpretations.

The main is the direct meaning of the word when it comes to something positive, useful. A good deed can also be the answer to the question of what is good.

The definition of this concept is enriched by another meaning - the opposite of evil. Also, they are often called home belongings, acquired property, some things.

In a certain context, this word takes on a dismissive tone, when one speaks unequivocally about some lazy worker or an unnecessary, useless subject: “Such good and nothing is not necessary”.

In linguistic terms, this lexeme can act not only as a noun, but also as secondary parts of speech. So, "good" is both a particle and a union.Used as part of indivisible expressions. For example, “get (or give) good for something.” Moreover, in the role of a particle can carry both positive and disapproving or ironic meaning. This word has completely opposite meanings.

Good as opposed to evil. Examples

If we consider the studied word as a category of ethics, then it can be attributed to concepts that characterize moral values, and moreover positive. Already the original meaning of good was opposed to the inner meaning of evil, which is incompatible with true moral behavior.

What is good:

  • It can be regarded as the result of some kind of good actions, completely opposite to the result of evil deeds.

what is good

  • Good is done intentionally, unselfishly, sincerely. The person doing it seeks to help not only his neighbor, but also just a stranger. The same applies to his actions in relation to wildlife.
  • Good is something that can cause a positive response from others. Because associations in this case arise with the concepts of happiness, joy and love, good.
  • Good deeds are different from evil ones,that they are not accomplished by the simple will to good deeds. After all, such a will is possibly self-serving, that is, it is neutral with respect to morality. And true good is unselfish. An example is the actions of Ivan Tkachenko, the captain of the lost hockey team "Lokomotiv", which, as it turned out after the tragedy, secretly from all transferred money to help children with oncology.

Evil in all situations is expressed by humiliation, repression, and even destruction, creating a new evil. “Good remember, and forget evil”, - this expression has a deep meaning.

Good as a property. Examples

An interesting observation. In one of the most ancient Indo-European languages ​​- Hittite - it turns out there was a noun “good”, which was often used precisely in the sense of “property” (by the way, it echoed the equally sound adjective meaning “good, useful”).

what is good definition

The property could be both movable and immovable - like the spoils of the Hittite warlords. In one of the surviving documents it was recorded that such good was captured in the conquered city by King Mursilis I among other booty, including many prisoners.

The researchers note that the main purpose of the Hittite wars of conquest was precisely the seizure of booty. Therefore it is no coincidence that the term “good” with the meaning of “property” is very often found in the chronicles of the Hittite rulers.

It is also noted that in other languages, in particular in Komi and English, the lexeme "good" is found. The definition of the word sounds like “property, trophy”.

Well, about the Russian language and not worth mentioning. Take at least A. S. Pushkin:

"Carry home belongings ...

Pots, pots et cetera,

Well, a lot of all good ... "

This word in the meaning of property is often used in the literature.

Good as something worthless. Examples

A good word, in principle, can, however, be not the prettiest coloring, have a touch of irony, neglect. That is good in a negative sense, can say the most common household phrases.

good is

For example, someone wants to sell you a completely useless thing. To the place will be the expression: "This kind and in my bulk." This example extends the concept of what is good. Its definition here sounds like "useless", "useless". This version of the concept of "good" is often used both in literary and in colloquial speech.Nevertheless, when it is necessary to determine the meaning of the word considered in this article, few people remember its possible negative coloring. Only the use of expressions such as “I don’t need such goodness for nothing” reminds us that it also denotes a useless, useless thing, which is completely opposite to the first two of its meanings.

Synonyms of the word "good"

There are quite many lexemes with a similar meaning, especially considering the polysemy of a word.what does good mean

  • That such good in the literal sense can say these words: useful work, good, good deed, goodness, blessing, donation, favor, favor.
  • The value of property is “managed” by such definitions: wealth, property, wealth, wealth, belongings, belongings, manatka, junk, things.
  • Consent in colloquial speech can express the words: well, well, there is such a thing, it goes, we agreed, weirdly, frets, please, okay, I agree, ready, be it your way, so be it, let it be so in your opinion, so be it, if you please.

This multi-valued word has many synonyms.

Antonyms of the word "good"

With all the richness and variety of synonyms of wordsgood definition of the wordwith the opposite meaning, there are only two - "evil" and "bad." What means good, we found out, and these concepts represent its reverse side. This is confirmed by some sayings. For example: "Do not resist the hood against good."

As we see, there are not so many antonyms compared with the synonyms of the word in question.

At the end of this article, let us recall one more, optimistic saying: “A blessing in disguise.”

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