What is fiber used in construction?

Fiber is a very popular material obtained by impregnating several layers of the base with a concentrated special solution and subsequent pressing. This material is produced in the form of unpainted black sheets, it is easy to mechanically process, it is used for heat and electrical insulation, and also as a gasket material.

Fiber is widely used in construction. Presented in the form of narrow fibers and strips, it is used to reinforce structures made of concrete. They become strong, and their resistance to stretching, abrasion and impact increases. The following types of fiber are distinguished: glass, basalt, steel, polyester and polymeric. Especially popular is steel fiber.

How to use steel fiber?

This fiber makes the concrete more durable: prevents cracks in the process of setting the mixture of concrete. If it is well mixed and evenly distributed, you can get excellent reinforcement for the concrete slab. It is widely used in the construction of structures with increased load.Steel fiber is popular in the production of fire-resistant concrete structures, foam concrete, walls and piles, tunnels, bridges and foundations, decorative objects, it is a good alternative to core reinforcement. Fiber is more environmentally friendly, helps reduce the metal structure and reduce the harmful effects on nature. In addition to all its technical advantages, this material differs affordable cost. You can choose the appropriate fiber available on the market at the moment: wave, anchor, milled, sheet. You can always consult with the consultant of the store, who will help you choose the appropriate material, then arrange the purchase and delivery to the specified address.

Fiber concrete is also a popular material in construction.

How to use fibrobeton?

Fiber concrete is a high-tech material, which is used in monolithic construction. It is obtained by adding fiber evenly to concrete. Performing the function of micro-reinforcement, fiber reinforces concrete, increasing its impact resistance, strength and brand, reduces the likelihood of cracks during shrinkage.Fiber concrete also has a high resistance to abrasion, frost resistance and water resistance.

Steel fiber is produced from wire with curved anchors at the ends, which interlock with concrete, due to which they take on all the tension. Usually it is kneaded into concrete right before pouring or when producing a mixture. Fiber concrete is durable and durable, it is 15-20 times stronger than ordinary concrete. In addition to steel, for its manufacture can be used basalt and polypropylene fibers.

Also, reinforcing concrete with fiber takes less time than using frames and grids. The cost of materials during construction is significantly reduced - by adding fiber to the solution, you can achieve less concrete consumption. At destruction concrete does not break up into separate components, since the fiber gives it viscosity.

Also the production of fiber-reinforced concrete does not require much time. The fiber is placed in a mixer with a cement mortar, then the components are mixed for several minutes - during this period the fiber is distributed throughout the concrete mix.It is also in excellent contact with other components of the mixture, which further increases the strength of the finished material.

Fiber concrete is recognized as a safe material for human health. It perfectly transmits electromagnetic waves, making it popular in the construction of residential buildings. It is often used in buildings with thin walls. In industrial construction fibrous concrete is made of self-leveling and industrial floors, roads, bridges, tiles on sidewalks, floors of hydraulic structures, runways of airfields. In household construction, it is used to obtain facade slabs, floors on the first floors, borders, garage basements and residential buildings.

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