What is dvb?

February 19, 2015
What is dvb?

The standard dvb, which stands for digital video broadcasting (digital video broadcasting) was invented in 2003. He replaced the analog broadcasting. Its distinctive feature is the increased quality of signal transmission. DVB signal, in contrast to analog, allows transmitting digital coding without interference. You can learn more about dvb in our article.

DVB history

This type of signal was developed in 1993. To this day, it is used throughout the world, and the rights to this standard belong to the DVB Project company.

DVB signal has different types. Typically, the type of signal received depends on the dvb tuner, which is integrated into the TV. The dvb signal provides data transmission in high quality, comparable to dvd quality. In addition, the dvb signal allows you to expand the number of channels.

DVB signal types

Now consider what are the dvb signals. The most common signals are dvb-t and dvb-t2.

  • The dvb-t signal is a transmission to compress video and audio through terrestrial terrestrial television networks;
  • The dvb-t2 signal represents the use of the new dvb-t2 signal mode.It also uses channel coding, which increases the channel capacity by 2 times. These signals are mainly used in television;
  • there is also a dvb-s signal that is transmitted by satellite;
  • The cable signal is transmitted through the cable and is called dvb-c. Now the second generation of cable is gaining popularity;
  • hybrid networks - dvb-sh. They allow you to use terrestrial and satellite networks together. This type of signal is the most reliable, since it provides for the resumption of one signal when another fails;
  • There is also a dvb-h signal that is used to transfer data to portable devices. As for the last signal, it is currently gaining its popularity, whereas previously it could not be used purely physically. In fact, it already represents the dvb-t signal, but it is focused on the mobile device;
  • In the future, three-dimensional broadcasting is planned, namely dvb 3d-tv.

Many have questions about how to connect dvb to the TV.

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