What is distilled water, and what is it for?

Distilled water is water that is free from organic and inorganic impurities. The first of them include all kinds of viruses, bacteria, waste products of plants and animals. As for the second, it is mineral supplements, salts and other substances. It should be understood that to call a distilled liquid, which first evaporated and then collected in the form of condensate, will be incorrect, since there is a certain technological process associated with its production.Distilled water

Scope of application

There are a lot of industries in which such water can be used, especially in science and technology. Most often it is found in car batteries, wipers, as well as heating and cooling systems of private homes. As for life, sometimes this liquid is used for aquariums, watering plants, and also poured into irons, because the substance does not leave scale. In addition, it is common in medicine, where it is used for dilution of solutions and for injection.


Due to the fact that distilled water is widely used in medicine, its physical and chemical characteristics in our country are regulated by the relevant document - the state standard (GOST 6709-72). Regardless of the further destination and method of production, all such products must comply with it. The main indicator of the quality of this product is the presence of residual impurities. This, in turn, depends on the storage conditions of the liquid, as well as on the state of the technological equipment on which it is manufactured. Such water may have different degrees of purification. For example, in the medicine mentioned above, it is allowed to use exclusively pyrogen-free distilled water. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that it is devoid of pyrogenic additives - substances that have animal or bacterial origin. The fact that they can cause a negative reaction in humans, up to a change in the composition of the blood.what is distilled water

Negative impact on people

In connection with the absence in the composition of distilled water of various mineral impurities, one may get the impression that its ingestion inward contributes to the removal of excess salts from the human body and influences it favorably.However, this is a misconception. What there are a number of reasons. First, the regular use of such water leads to a violation of the ratio of fluids in the body, both in composition and volume. Secondly, it cannot quench thirst properly. Thirdly, the concentration of hormones that are responsible for water-salt metabolism changes in the blood of a person. Fourthly, an irregular discharge of chlorides from human organs occurs, resulting in a deficiency of these substances.distilled water at home

Categories of consumers

Consumers of such products as distilled water, it is customary to divide into four main categories. The first and most numerous of them are car owners. It can be poured into the wipers, and is also used in the form of a battery electrolyte. The second category is considered to be the owners of private houses whose heating systems cannot function properly without this liquid. The third group is the owners of photo centers. The point is that distilled water is used here as a diluent for chemical reagents, which are required for high-quality color printing.All other consumers, including private ones, belong to the fourth group.distilled water

The main stages of production

There are three main steps involved in the manufacture of distilled water. At first, ordinary water is prepared. It should be noted that this stage is considered key since the final quality directly depends on the condition of the water supply system and the place from which the raw materials are extracted. This is followed by the production process itself. After that, it remains to ensure only proper storage of finished products with preservation of all acquired physical and chemical properties.

Production methods

Speaking about what distilled water is, it should be noted that its preparation can be carried out by two methods. The first is reverse osmosis. The essence of this method is reduced to the fact that the raw material is passed through a number of special filters. It has a significant advantage - rather low energy demand. On the other hand, the equipment that is needed for this is very expensive. In addition, the production process itself is not very fast.The second method is more common and is repeated boiling. The whole technological system in this case consists of a number of tanks. Initially recruited in the first of these, pure water is brought to a gas-like state by heating, after which the steam is transferred to the next vessel. All impurities remain. As soon as condensation occurs in the second tank and the steam turns into water, the procedure is repeated a second time. In such a system can be used up to six tanks. The more - the better, because the purity and quality of the finished product in this case depends on how many times the water has been processed.what is distilled water

Independent production

Distilled water at home is not so difficult. In this case, you need a unit such as a distiller. In addition to it, the necessary storage tanks for finished products, installation for its drain, running water and the room. As for the latter, in its role you can use a small factory floor, garage or barn. The main requirement for it is fire safety. As practice shows, self-production of distilled water can turn into a fairly profitable type of business.Anyway, the most elementary device for its production can be made even with one's own hands. The principle of its operation is similar to the well-known installation in our country - the moonshine. The principal difference in this case is that instead of the mash should be poured inside the usual water. It can be heated using an ordinary gas stove. As practice shows, the average performance of such a unit can reach 150 liters of the finished liquid per day.distilled water at home

Distilled water business

As already noted above, distilled water can bring a considerable profit, provided competent organization of production and with a well-established marketing of finished products. To prove this, you can make small calculations. If you analyze the market for this product, you can see that the cost of a liter bottle with this water averages 20-25 rubles. As for the necessary investments (including the cost of equipment, paperwork for business activities, utility bills, and so on), they will not exceed 1 million rubles.It should also take into account the simple manufacturing process and the very low cost of raw materials.

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