What is dangerous sex?

In addition to the pleasure to which everyone aspires to have sex, sex can also contain some dangers, especially through ignorance. So what is dangerous about sex?

Venereal diseases

Doctors are not in vain dissuaded from casual relationships. Of course, if you do not care about your health, the health of a partner and the health of your future children, you can have sex with anyone and as much as you want. However, those who think that "maybe, will carry it", I would like to say: 50 to 50. Maybe, it will blow it, and maybe not. Moreover, even a condom is not a panacea for most sexually transmitted diseases.

I suppose it makes no sense to list the whole “bouquet”, it’s enough to say that even apart from the HIV virus (or AIDS), from which they have not yet invented a full-fledged medicine, there are many other unpleasant sexually transmitted diseases that are not so easy to get rid of. Even from gonorrhea you will not be able to get rid of for 3 days, as not very competent doctors say. In addition, there are fungal diseases such as thrush, which can be found in women and men.In men, most often it takes place in a hidden form, but the carrier of the disease (and not only thrush) can easily become. So imagine how "beloved" your beloved, when he finds out that you, it turns out, has a hidden infection, received incomprehensibly from whom.

Early sex life

Recently, teenage sex has become almost the norm. Often you hear from friends and read on the net that if you are still a virgin at 13-14, then this is almost a disgrace. Classmates and classmates roll their eyes and ask: "You have not fucked (or), or what?!" So do not. The fact is that the adolescent body is still very gentle and develops up to 20-22 years. It is at this age that girls form internal genital organs (for example, the uterus). Now imagine if a young girl sleeps with anyone right and left ... Cervical erosion, at least, and even more serious consequences. So boys and girls, take care of your health, everything has its time.

What is dangerous anal sex

It would seem unnecessary to speak, but it is necessary: ​​the anus does not perform a sexual function. This hole is intended entirely for other purposes.If you really want to do this thing, then know that during anal sex, firstly, there is a very high risk of injury in the anus, and secondly, just like in vaginal intercourse, you can pick up some infection . In addition, there is another unpleasant consequence of anal sex: with regular anal intercourse, incontinence of feces and gasses may subsequently occur due to frequent relaxation of the sphincter muscles. I'm not talking about strain or damage to the mucous membrane of the anus.

What is dangerous oral sex

If you do not think of your life without a blowjob and cunnilingus, then you should be aware of the possible dangers like a kind of entertainment. Provided that you are the only one and unique from each other and have been dating for a long time, nothing terrible will happen. The only thing you need to know in this case is not to engage in oral sex, if there are sores or inflammatory processes in the oral cavity or on the genitals. This can lead to more serious and dangerous inflammations. Wait for it to pass.

If you decide to have oral sex with an unfamiliar partner, then you can also wait for a whole bunch of most of the same diseases that are transmitted by the usual sexual intercourse.Calling for the use of special condoms is completely pointless in this case, as people prefer the pleasure of safety.

There is also the danger of infection with various fungal diseases. There are no other dangers, but it is still strongly recommended to engage in oral and other types of sex with regular partners. Good health to you, take care of yourself and each other!

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