What is compulsory insurance?

Mandatory insurance exists in many countries of the world, with a difference in the subject of insurance. Even the uninformed understand the meaning of insurance. It is voluntary and mandatory. You can insure life, health, liability, safety, as well as property, business and much more. Anything that is subject to compulsory insurance, you can insure and voluntarily in an additional order. But the opposite is impossible.

Definition of concepts and types of insurance

To understand what compulsory insurance is, it should be noted that any act, even this one, occurs at the conclusion of the contract. It is entered into by the insurer and the insurer, in accordance with one of the laws of the state, in our case the Russian Federation. We have six types of contracts that fall under compulsory insurance.

Personal insurance of passengers is to compensate for harm to all who at the time of the incident was inside the vehicle.This regulation applies to road, rail, electric, water. In a separate type of compulsory insurance made air travel. Moreover, the carrier insures passengers, and the carrier itself is insured by the state. It also insures all employees of the tax authorities. The life and health of military personnel is subject to compulsory insurance for obvious reasons. And two types of liability are insured by the state automatically - the tour operator and owners of dangerous objects. And the most massive compulsory insurance in our country is compulsory medical insurance.

The method of compulsory medical insurance

Every citizen needs medical insurance, because those who do not have a medical insurance policy in their hands will not receive full medical care. Previously, they were received by all working centrally, at the place of work. Now, working with children, retirees, students, must come to the office of the health insurance fund and receive policies for 5 years. With a policy in his hands, a citizen can even claim the most expensive treatment if it can be provided free of charge.

What guarantees this policy and why are physicians so anxiously checking for its patients? Because for each patient treated in a particular institution, they receive compensation from the health insurance fund. There are a lot of controversies about the fund's rates, which are valid for various diseases. And only at the end of 2012, the government of the Russian Federation adopted a law that an ambulance can assist those who do not have a policy. For them, too, will be charged compensation payments. Previously, even bandages and brilliant green for such patients were not found.

The work of the Health Insurance Fund

The compulsory insurance fund has been established by the state, is filled by taxes transferred, and is controlled only by government officials. The expenditure of the fund’s funds is by bank transfer for compensation for receiving medical services by citizens of our country. Unfortunately, expensive services are not included in the list of compensated by the fund. But, nevertheless, ordinary citizens who have a policy of compulsory insurance on their hands have the opportunity to do some tests for free, visit a doctor, do a planned operation.

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