What is a tracker, and what is it for?

All people like to watch good movies, listenbeautiful and high-quality music and play the best games. In this connection, the question involuntarily comes to mind: "And where is this all taken from?" The perfect solution and the answer to this question is the use of such an Internet resource as a tracker. Now let's take a closer look at what a tracker is.what is a tracker

Principle of operation

A tracker is a network resource, the main functionwhich is a cooperative exchange of data. The principle of operation is as democratic as possible: the downloadable content is transmitted in small pieces / parts, as the downloading of the user is simultaneously a distributor, thereby giving download speed to other users downloading the same content. That is, the user at the same time performs two functions: it downloads the data it needs and distributes its already downloaded parts. Such an interaction system is called pir-to-pir. The more people will distribute the information the user needs, the faster it will be downloaded. What is a tracker? It is the exchange of information, data, applications via the Internet. For example, one of the users downloads a new toy to the tracker, after which it becomes available for download to all other persons registered on this site. There are also people who just download, not giving out to others much-needed download speed. Specially for such persons on each tracker there is a system of accounting for the number of downloaded and transmitted traffic. The system automatically calculates and processes the indicators, thereby calculating the usefulness of a user and charging him a certain coefficient of downloaded. If this indicator falls below a certain level, then downloading any content from this resource becomes impossible. This principle of work is allocated to all free trackers.
open tracker

All that the soul wills

What is a tracker, if not a gold minemodern content? On such projects you can find a lot of useful and interesting. All data available for download is divided into logical sections. For example, there are several main categories: movies, games, music, art, software and so on. In these categories, you can find subsections (movies 2013, 2012, 2011, indie games, action, RPG, strategy) that contain profile information. All this is done in order to facilitate the search and work with the tracker. An open tracker is the most commonly used type of project operation. These two words mean freedom of entry and registration. Completely another kind are closed (private) trackers, for entry into which you need an invite (invitation) or a cash contribution.free trackersAs a rule, such projects look moreseriously and dignified, but there are exceptions. What is a tracker for an ordinary user? This is primarily the place from which you can take the necessary content for the work, the proper functioning of the system, rest. Tracker is a kind of a link between users, complementary and mutually supportive each other in the search and download of various applications. What is a tracker for the network as a whole? This is an Internet resource that includes the maximum amount of downloaded data, being a kind of station on which you can find almost any required content in electronic form.

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What is a tracker, and what is it for What is a tracker, and what is it for What is a tracker, and what is it for What is a tracker, and what is it for What is a tracker, and what is it for What is a tracker, and what is it for What is a tracker, and what is it for What is a tracker, and what is it for What is a tracker, and what is it for What is a tracker, and what is it for