What is a laser?

Yevhen Bakin
Yevhen Bakin
December 19, 2014
What is a laser?

A huge number of words in various subjects does not allow us to say with confidence that we are fluent even in our own language. But as we learn new terms, we will learn more and more words. So, today we look at the meaning of the word "laser".

What is a laser? A laser is an installation for converting energy sources (light, heat, electricity, etc.) into a narrow stream. The basis of this phenomenon is the principle of induced radiation. The essence of this process is that, unlike spontaneous radiation, where photons have different chaotic directions, in this case photons are coherent.

To create such an environment, use the pumping system of the active medium. They are optical, electrical and others.

Where applicable

Due to its unique properties, lasers are actively used in various industries.

  • In science, they are used in spectroscopy, optics, space navigation;
  • In metrology, lasers are used to measure distance, time, speed, temperature, density, pressure, and many other quantities;
  • In surgery, cosmetology, and ophthalmology, lasers serve as scalpels;
  • For military purposes, lasers are a means of aiming;
  • In everyday life, they are used in players, printers, readers, etc.

As we see, lasers have become firmly established in our lives, and the scope of application of this invention is expanding.

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