What is a gearbox?

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What is a gearbox?

Every car owner knows what a mechanism is needed for, such as a gearbox and how important it is for a car. In this article we will take a closer look at what a gearbox is, what kind of gearboxes are and what they are for. We will also tell about the components of the gearbox.

Gear unit

A mechanical gearbox is a mechanism that converts torque and transmits it through one or more mechanical gears. The gearbox is characterized by efficiency, gear ratio and transmitted power, as well as maximum angles of shafts that rotate at a given speed.

Gearboxes may consist of a different number of driving and driven shafts, as well as different types of gears. Next, we consider what types of gears are based on the types of gears.

Types of gearboxes

Depending on what transmission has a gear, it will belong to one or another type. There are cylindrical, bevel, worm, planetary, wave, combined gearboxes.This classification is basic, however, in mechanics it is also customary to distinguish an additional classification according to the body of the product. In addition, gearboxes are often distinguished by gear ratio and power distribution.

General plan of the gearbox

Next, we consider what the gearbox consists of in general terms, and then turn to a specific example.

So, the housing of each gearbox is currently made from cast iron, sometimes steel. If it is required to facilitate the construction, then light alloy housings are used. The body of any gearbox consists of legs, ears that move or attach the gearbox to the base. Special seals are located at the output of the shafts, which prevent leakage of oil, structural elements are also located on the gearbox housing, they do not allow the pressure inside the housing to rise.

As an example, now consider the worm gear. As the name implies, it is a worm gear. Outwardly, it resembles a shaft with a gear-screw surface. The rotation of the shaft is achieved by rotating the gear, which is connected to the worm gear by means of teeth.In turn, the "worm" transmits torque to the output shaft.

What the gearbox does

In itself, the word gearbox literally means a lowering. Accordingly, the editors were designed to lower the rotational speed. In this case, the gearbox increases the torque power. As already mentioned by us at the beginning of the article, gearboxes are used in cars. There they are needed in order to carry out the reduction of transmission and return.

This principle can be well seen in the example of the work of bicycle gears, where the so-called asterisks perform the role of a reducer. Note that today gearboxes are used not only in cars, but also in many engines, as well as to reduce and maintain the pressure of the working medium, including gas, steam and liquids.

Finally, it can be noted that the gearbox is a very important part of the car, it requires a lot of care and constant inspection. One of the important components of the car is the crankcase.

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