What is a feast?

January 28, 2015
What is a feast?

It seems to be the most common Russian word. Anyone, not even a very competent person, to the question what a feast is, will cheerfully answer that this is a feast. However, it will be a very truncated, incomplete and one-sided answer.

Below are the differences between feasts and feasts.

Feast: the differences from the usual feast

  • A richly laid table at any feast is, of course, indispensable. However, this feast is not limited. In order for the feast to become a feast, first of all, a weighty reason is needed - a significant date, an outstanding event, in the extreme case - an anniversary with a round and large number.
  • The second condition: a large number of guests. No wonder ancient Russian feasts were depicted at very long tables - otherwise all those invited would simply not fit. And at the feast there are not only relatives and close friends - he should unite at the table and unfamiliar, but something important and valuable people.
  • The third component of the feast is entertainment. Just sitting and eating, occasionally proclaiming toasts, means gathering everyone for an ordinary event. In ancient Rus, feasts were accompanied by clowns, singers and musicians.Dancing in those days was more likely the lot of the peasants, but nowadays they will be quite appropriate, and, preferably, with live music.

In short, drawing analogies with modern realities, a feast is rather a reception, accompanied by a rich, expensive and varied food. The only thing, perhaps, that it’s categorically prohibited at a feast, in contrast to receptions, is to do things and solve some issues.

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