What flowers give men?

Everyone is accustomed to the fact that flowers are a purely “feminine” gift, while in other cases they are given only to certain men and on certain days. For example, on May 9, carnations are presented to veterans, luxurious bouquets are given to artists after the concert, and certainly elegant bouquets to Olympic champions. What about ordinary men? Should I give flowers to them?

Of course it is! Men are also able to enjoy flowers and enjoy their beauty, like women. But the option is good only if the man is ready to accept flowers as a gift. If a man does not like flowers, it is better to forget about this idea for a gift and find something more suitable. Well, we'll talk about what kind of flowers are given to men who are ready to accept this beauty as a gift.

What flowers to choose

Among all the colors, we can single out “male”: roses, callas, carnations, orchids, lilies, bamboo, gladioli, anthuriums, and delphiniums. You can also choose tulips, dahlias or chrysanthemums.

Rules "male" bouquet

  1. The bouquet should be simple, strict, clear, no frills, but with taste.
  2. Flowers should have a pronounced deep pure shade: red, white, purple, maroon, blue. Avoid soft pastel colors - they are suitable exclusively for women.
  3. For a bouquet it is better to choose the same flowers of the same color. If you want to make a bouquet more original, it is better to ask the floral designer.
  4. The overall shape of the bouquet should be elongated, clear and strict. There should be no pomp and pretentiousness.
  5. Correctly select the packaging for flowers. Strict bouquet - strict "male" packaging.
  6. You can create an ensemble of flowers and another gift - for example, present a basket of flowers along with expensive cognac.

Etiquette and "male" bouquet

With the base sorted out, but what flowers are given to men, depending on different situations, and how to do it right?

  1. When it comes to a beloved man, then etiquette allows you to give flowers as many times as you like, as long as both like it.
  2. When it comes to a friend, acquaintance or business partner, flowers are usually presented in honor of an important event or holiday: an anniversary, a wedding, a big successful deal, etc.
  3. For a big event, a man can give one big flower - a rose, callas, gladiolus or an orchid or a strict bouquet, the rules of which we have already discussed.
  4. A woman should not give flowers to a man who is younger than her.
  5. When presenting a bouquet or flower to a man, hold it in your left hand.
  6. If the flowers are for the hero of the day, and next to him is his spouse, then the bouquet should be given to her, with the exception of bouquets of purely “male” designs or compositions that are presented to the birthday person personally.
  7. Choose flowers according to the situation. So, for a friend on February 23, you can give a carnation, and a friend of a man on the anniversary of 50 years is better to choose a bouquet of maroon roses.

When choosing a bouquet, be guided not only by generally accepted rules, but also by your opinion, because you know better the person to whom you are going to present flowers. Do not forget about one more rule - flowers should be presented with a soul, from a pure heart, like any other gift. Now you know what flowers are given to men.

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