What dreams pillow?

Alena Mikhailova
Alena Mikhailova
February 26, 2015
What dreams pillow?

When a person sees in a dream objects that he uses daily in everyday life, he often does not attach any significance to these symbols. But in vain, because the subconscious laid a hint in them.

From our article it will be possible to find out what the pillow is dreaming about.

Total pillow sleep

If a person sees a pillow in a dream, he will drown out negative emotions in himself. And this is the best he can do, even if angry and righteous. After all, his offensive words can hurt a loved one and upset the relationship forever.

What dreams pillow woman?

If a woman sees a pillow, she will soon enjoy a well-deserved rest. Admire beautifully embroidered pillows - to success in business. I dreamed of a small pillow - to the loss of prestige in the family. Also, such a dream can bring problems and adversity. Perhaps the dreamer will envy her family, and this will entail mistakes that will not be easy to fix.

You will find more interpretations in our section Objects in a dream.

If the pillow dreamed of a man

A man pillow can dream of new hobbies. This can be not only a new novel, but also a hobby. If the dreamer dreamed that he could not fall asleep on a pillow, tossing and turning, it seems hard to him, then he will soon part with his illusions. The torn pillow is a harbinger of deception, so you should be wary of getting involved in new business and believing friends who have not yet established themselves.

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