Why dream of thunder?

Olga Reznik
Olga Reznik
August 3, 2012
Why dream of thunder?

Sometimes we wake up alarmed at the sound of thunder in our dreams. And immediately ask the question, why dream of a thunderstorm? Thunderstorm for us is often associated with threat, bad weather, failure. Partly the way it is. Thunderstorm in a dream can mean conflicts, troubles, quarrels and scandals in reality. Or it can symbolize unintentional news, efforts, worries and even well-being, but associated with troubles.

To correctly interpret such a dream, it is important to pay attention to the details.

  • If you dream that thunder is rattling, but it does not rain, it means that there is an opportunity to coordinate the course of events to solve problems.
  • If you see lightning in a dream, it heralds the coming changes, lightning with rain - changes are expected to be unkind (rain - it’s like tears).
  • The rumble of thunder is always a warning. Understand the situation, give it a correct assessment. If you were struck by lightning, these are unintentional obstacles. Thunder and lightning - opposition to a strong and intelligent opponent.
  • Lightning and thunderbolt in a dream, as the great Bulgarian seer Vanga claimed, may be an indication that you lead an unrighteous life.In her opinion, to dream of a thunderstorm is always a warning, a sign from above, a manifestation of the divine will.

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