What is the prison dream?

August 3, 2012
What is the prison dream?

Prison and prisoners - not the most pleasant topic to sleep. To someone such a dream can spoil the mood for the whole day. But is everything so bad? What is the prison dream? Can not worry not worth it? Let's see.

If prison dreams

  • Prison - restriction, barrier. This is your dream, and it can mean that you yourself have created obstacles for yourself. In your power to change everything.
  • Prison building can dream of dedication to you in a certain secret, which will not be easy to keep.
  • A prison with bright lights in the windows foreshadows that you will avoid unhappiness thanks to your insight.
  • It dreams that you are a prison guard - your soul will have peace and harmony.
  • Escaped from prison in a dream - to avoid difficulties in reality.
  • Dreamed about going to jail? Expect success in your career, its brilliant future.
  • Sitting in prison in a dream foreshadows your forgiveness and mercy.

About what the prison dream is about - you know better. Your dream is your subconscious.

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