What does the word "bastard" mean? Who can they call?

What does the word "bastard" mean? Who can they call?

  1. This is the post. So they called the assistant to the executioner (to kill the corpses). So, think about who to name and how much it is insulting ...
  2. Interesting associations came into my head. Noun BEGIN and verb SWING. There are such characters that I would like to take for the scabbard and bastard on the stairs, muzzle about the steps from the top floor to the first. There are many such authorities in the government - to list for a long time.
  3. All that was stolen in one place is a bastard. In short, everyone is a rabble.
  4. # CLAIM The Dictionary of Dal
    CLOSE and sob; bastard or swine, sowing. svilocchi that, old. swallow, pull, pull, pull down, pulling dragging, dragging; to discard, discard, sobleshish; see to put off.
    # Bastard Ushakov's Dictionary
    This stone does not get bogged down alone. Dahl. Deliver, send s.o. (name). How here in German land in French! Here for the French language in the site can be a bastard. Leykin. 3. Dragging, demolish in one place. S. bags in the pile.
    # SHISHAR (bastard) Dictionary of Dahl
    Shishar (people). Shishar, Shisha about. east. Perm. shizhgol kaluzhsk. people, rabble, bastard, shihobot, shval, shushval; a rolled man, a poor man, or a connecting rod, a lazy person. Shish (g), yellow, from the decoction of birch leaves, distorted.
    # PLEASE Dictionary Dal
    CASH, match that with what; and to discard, discard or sow; slough or swat, bastard, swine, sowing. bastards; pull, pull, pull, pull; unmask, uncover, undress; see to curl up.
    # Gloss over Ushakov's Dictionary
    CLAIM, ayu, aye (common speech). Nesov. to the bastard and to swindle 1.
    # Bastard Ushakov's Dictionary
    Belogvardeyskaya with. The officers of the Guards regiments and the impersonal scum of the salons of all the silent pass I am ready. Nekrasov. To me, he says, there's no one to drive a company with, it's all, he says, a bastard. A. Ostrovsky.
    # Rakalia Michelson
    Rakalja (monastic brann) bastard (from the English rack - a dog, like a canal - from the Latin canis - a dog.) Wed He asks me for Christensky forgiveness, if he is # 1123; me some insults # 1123;
    # Bastard Mikhelson
    Bastard (monastic brann) shoddy people, - rods, thieves, scoundrels, where # 1123; or gathered - a hint at every bastard - in one m # 1123; one hundred (bogged) from the field harrow - sor (grass, weeds, etc.).
    # Slob Ushakov's Dictionary
    swallow, -y, och, -yas, otkut, -sya. Bud. Wed. from the bastard, -ya.
    # Shrugging2, getting bogged down Ushakov's Dictionary
    CREATE 2, chu, chish, someone, and CREATE, chus, chichsya, without additional. , Nesov. (vulgar vulgar). Scold the swine, selectively indecent words. "You are not particularly scum." And then you'll get a mustache! Sholokhov.
  5. Value
    razg. , brann. scoundrel, cheesy man #9670; He showed himself like a bastard.
    razg. , sobir. , brann. cheesy, mean people #9670; Every bastard got together.
    obsolete. sobir. something that is bogged down or collapsed into one place (usually about rubbish, garbage) #9670; There is no example of usage for this value. You can help project by adding an example of using from a literary work or everyday communication.
    obsolete. sobir. rabble, tramp #9670; Helpers of the case have recruited every free army to it, to which the multitude of Russians from different places was flocked, and with that bastard he reached Kaluga and with the help of the Polish and Moscow besieged AI Rigelman, Chronicle of Minor Russia #9670; Trashy people, rods, thieves, scoundrels, anywhere converging. House Vyazemsky, in St. Petersburg, the shelter of every bastard. V. Dahl
  6. BARREL - goes back to the antiquated, which means
    pull off, pull off. A little later they began to designate everything that was in one place (roots, sor). Since the 18 century, the word has acquired a social coloring and in the mouths of aristocrats meant the social community opposed to them - rabble, despicable mob.
  7. Bastard

    Svolochati - in Old Russian is the same as that of sloughing. Therefore, the scum originally called all kinds of garbage, which was raked into a pile. This value (among others) is also preserved in Dahl: Bastard - everything that has been bogged down or collapsed into one place: weeds, grass and roots, rubbish scraped by a harrow from arable land. Over time, this word began to determine ANY crowd gathered in one place. And then they began to call all the despicable people - drunkards, thieves, vagabonds and other antisocial elements. Especially the Russian aristocrats loved this word, making it almost synonymous with the mob. When the despicable mob and bastard aristocrats liquidated as a class, the word entered into widespread use and often began to refer to a specific person, rather than to a multitude.

    Ostap, who by this time had finished his observations on Korobeinikov, decided that the old man was a typical bastard. (I. Ilf, E. Petrov Twelve chairs)

  8. Initially, an oblique beam for a roof support, usually standing at an angle of 45. Over time, different ways, but the word grew into an obscenity.
  9. bastard-dragged. so they call us newcomers to the Volga. also chibaks and water-swans. but I agree with many authors on the account of our aristocrats, they are able and able to oskarblyat simple people without knowing the meaning of the word.

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