What do the fish bite on?

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What do the fish bite on?

All species of fish are conventionally divided into predators, omnivores and eating plant food. And in order for your fishing to be successful, you need to learn how to choose the right bait for fishing. Predatory fish (perch, pike perch, pike) eats animal food. Omnivorous - can swallow and worm, and barley grain, and dough. The choice of bait also depends on the time of year, and on the nature of the reservoir, and on many other factors. Sometimes in one place a crucian carp, for example, goes well for a worm, and in another for bread balls. Also, it would not be superfluous to ask the locals: what does the fish bite in this reservoir, if you are not sure about the choice of baits. Below are just a few of them, you can say - traditional.


  • Perch - fish living in almost all freshwater bodies. And even in the sea inhabits the sea bass. This is a predator, which can usually be caught on a worm, on small live bait, fry, on bloodworms and jig (in winter), on various types of lures and wobblers. It is caught all year round.
  • The crucian lives everywhere and is perfectly caught in all seasons. The small crucian goes well with the manure worm.Also - on the bread crumb. To make it, you need to take a loaf of bread with you for fishing. While wetting a small piece of pulp with water, make a few rolling movements with your fingers. It turns out a small ball, quite solid, to put it on a hook, closing the handguard. In order to catch a large crucian, you can use animal food as bait: moldy worm, bloodworm, worm. From vegetable nozzles are usually used cereals: pearl barley, semolina, wheat. Barley well for the night to steam in a thermos. Then it turns out moderately crumbly and does not fly off the hook (you need to wear two grains).
  • Bream is well caught on the worm, the May beetle and ant larvae, corn, various kinds of dough, bread crumb. You can also use moth, semolina, barley at different times of the year.
  • Pike is definitely a predatory fish. It is caught on live bait, silicone baits, spinners. Best - on spinning.
  • Chub goes well with moldy worm, but can grab bread crumb. You can use spinners.
  • A dace is caught on an earthworm, an ant larva, maggot, dough, bread crumb.

Only some species of fish are listed here.

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