What do people like?

What everyday activities do people like to do and which ones would they gladly exclude from their lives? What human qualities do people like in each other and what characteristics are considered one of the most negative, and therefore unpleasant? Consider answering these questions in more detail.

Favorite activities of people

Despite age, social, cultural, ethnic and other differences, we all often do the same things, and in our attitude to them we also often agree. So what do people like and dislike?

To answer this question, we present the results of a sociological study that was conducted by scientists from New Zealand headed by Karsten Grimm. In the course of it, psychology was offered to respondents collected from a representative sample, three times a day to describe the work done and their emotions from them. As a result, among the things that people love the most, were:

  • sex,
  • alcohol consumption,
  • help other people
  • reflections on religion,
  • care for children,
  • listening to music,
  • communication,
  • hobby activities
  • shopping,
  • games.

By the way, among the most unloved cases remained:

  • physician visits and treatment
  • Facebook social network
  • work at home,
  • study,
  • exams and various kinds of testing,
  • lectures
  • earning a living
  • moving to another place of residence,
  • work with computer,
  • washing dishes.

Favorite traits

Covering this question, we refer to the results of the most popular 100 to 1 game, where thousands of people give answers to questions. So, people tend to positively perceive the following qualities:

  • kindness
  • fidelity,
  • honesty,
  • sincerity,
  • generosity,
  • decency,
  • mind,
  • devotion.

But as for critically assessed qualities, then in this list:

  • arrogance,
  • deceit and betrayal
  • rudeness and rudeness
  • the desire to lead, to rule, without justification
  • pessimism,
  • insecurity
  • stinginess

Films, books, cooking

According to a sociological study by VTsIOM, comedy, detective and adventure films are the most popular among the favorite genres of films. Thrillers and horror films are on the penultimate place, and erotica - on the last.

If you believe the survey of a group of book lovers in one of the social networks, among the most interesting people in the genres of books are classics and fantasy. Behind them are novels and detectives.But philosophy and esoteric carry less than 2% of the respondents.

Yandex, analyzing the most frequent requests of its users in the category "Cooking", spoke about their gastronomic preferences. So, among the most desirable "delicacies" that people want to learn how to cook were cheesecakes and pancakes, charlotte and pancakes, lasagna, and vinaigrette salads, Greek and Olivier. In addition, people often look for recipes for pizza and hodgepodge.

Also, the search engine compiled a music map based on the results of 2012-2013, reporting that the most frequently users are in the Yandex service. The music is listened to by the following performers: Grigoriy Leps, Nyusha, PSY, Rihanna, Christmas, Elena Vaenga, Stas Mikhailov.

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