What color to give flowers?

Flowers in different situations of life can be both an excellent addition to the gift and the gift itself - it all depends on the specific occasion. However, you need to know what color to give flowers in different cases and different people. This is the only way to correctly express with the help of them the feelings that you have for a person. After all, every shade of a flower is a symbol of a certain attitude or mood. Let's talk about this in more detail.

Before you decide on a color, you need to pick flowers of the right kind for a specific occasion. Read more about this in our article What kind of flowers to give.

What color flowers give a girl

On the question of what flowers you can give to girls, the answer is simple: any. But in order to please a particular girl, it is necessary to determine your attitude towards her. If you still have a slight sympathy, then pink shades are perfect. They symbolize tenderness and warm feelings, at the same time promising an adorable period of romantic relationships.

The fact that you are good and fun with a girl, they say orange flowers. A bouquet of calendula will let her know that she brings warmth and celebration to your life. Flowers of this shade are also a symbol of harvest and strength.

If you are already deeply in love and you see your ideal in a girl, you can safely give her blue flowers. A bouquet of forget-me-nots, snowdrops or bells speaks of the purity of your love and infinite loyalty to your chosen one. This option is suitable for a young and modest person.

About what flowers to present to your girlfriend, you can learn from our article - What kind of flowers to give to a girl.

What kind of flowers are given to women

Many are interested in what color roses should give a woman. It also depends on the feelings you have for her. If you have a passionate relationship and a strong passion, then it’s best to find nothing of classic red roses. They symbolize elemental feelings like fire, which burns everything in its path. Almost all scarlet flowers can have such a symbol.

For a beloved wife, as well as a mother or woman who gives you deep respect and even admiration, you can present a bouquet of white roses.They act as a symbol of greatness, nobility and spiritual purity. The same applies to white lilies.

As a token of appreciation and sincere friendship, women are also presented with yellow roses, despite the fairly common opinion that they serve as a “symbol of separation.” Read more about yellow roses in the article - Why give yellow roses?

Extravagant women of any age and status will like flowers of violet shades. They mean your admiration for their elegance and sophistication of nature. Making a gift in the form of a bouquet of lilac flowers, you kind of bow before the originality of a woman.

What kind of flowers give an anniversary

The answer to this question depends on the gender and age of the birthday man, and, of course, on who he is for you. For example, there is a rule: if you go to a man's birthday, you should purchase a bouquet of blue or blue flowers, and in the case of a women's holiday - pink.

For the anniversary of a young girl suitable pink and purple shades of flowers, as well as compositions in yellow and orange tones. Older women are better off giving bouquets of roses or orchids of white or slightly pinkish hue.It is believed that aged ladies, as a rule, are best to give tea roses. Their shades from light lemon to brown are a symbol of respect. Such flowers are usually given on anniversaries to elegant and feminine persons.

For respectable men, colleagues or chiefs for the anniversary is better to give white flowers. They will express your respect for the birthday. In this case, the bouquet should be selected flowers of only one type.

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