What can a child in 8 months: the development of the baby

Every child is unique. This is indisputable, because a great creature of flesh and blood is born foolishly, and with each passing month, in the eyes of his parents, he is rapidly learning new things, learning the unknown, becoming more perfect. There are certain norms of what a child must be able to do at 8 months, for example, or a year from birth, to which many modern parents pay special attention. The fact is that children, although they develop in different ways, however, many of the actions for a certain stage of development, they still need to be able to perform. Today we would like to talk about what a child can do at 8 months according to the standards established by the pediatric association for the correct formation of a baby.

The uniqueness of children's perception of information

Eight-month-old children are already formed small personalities with their own habits and character. Day after day, they learn a lot of new and interesting, quickly absorbing information and memorizing it.Scientists have proven that the brain of a child is open to the perception of absolutely any data, working at the limit of its capabilities. Only one figure of 90% versus 65-70% of adults think that a thinking person will tell you that babies are like super-perfect people who can learn a lot from scratch in a few months: walk, talk. This moment is unique. Any loving mother will try to spend more time with the child, to overcome new heights and obstacles with him. As a rule, the modern parent, of course, will be interested in the question: what should a baby be able to do at 8 months? Again, this is only because every adult understands the swiftness of becoming a baby and learning new knowledge as a little person, which is trying not to miss all the opportunities for full interaction with the outside world.

what should a baby be able to do at 8 months

Physical and individual characteristics: teeth

By eight months, the child is already very developed. He tries to get up on all fours on his own, climb his legs with the help of a support, and after a while (most often after 2-3 months) he begins to walk at all without the help of any support.There are norms set by pediatricians and dentists who prescribe 4 teeth for 8 months old children: two upper incisors and as many lower ones. Due to the fact that children are individual, it is not always necessary to focus on the installation of doctors. In the practice of obstetricians and gynecologists, there have been cases when children were born into the world, having already one upper incisor. That is, in the womb, the child received excess calcium and surpassed all other children in development. Such cases are not unique, but, as time shows, such children in no way surpass their peers in the future.

Lack of teeth at 8 months is not a reason for anxiety and worries.

In contrast to the early formation of teeth, it is possible to note their absence in some babies up to the age of one. Moreover, no self-respecting pediatrician will tell parents that this is some kind of deviation. There have been cases when children approached their first birthday at best with one cutter. Teeth have absolutely no influence on the development of a child at the age of 8 months (what he can do to this stage or a little later). By the way, children with a small number of teeth or with their absence by the 8th month of life are no different from those who are already chewing on their first donuts.

Vision as an important aspect in memory formation

what is a baby at 8 months old girl

The memory of a child at eight months of age is already capable of holding a huge amount of information, therefore, during this period, kids can easily repeat some actions of adults, remember toys. It’s not a fact that a child at 8 months should be able to do somersaults or talk, but in pediatrics there are cases when by the beginning of 9 months of life, babies begin to consciously call words, associating them with objects or people. By the way, it is vision that forms children's memory, leaving puzzle pieces in it, which eventually form into a full-fledged picture.

British scientists claim that, being born into the world, all people without exception are not able to see anything. More precisely, they can distinguish only light from darkness, and this cannot be called a picture - what newborn babies see is only a gray stain. After some time, the vision changes slightly: the child is able to focus, highlighting only large objects from the overall picture. By eight months, babies share colors, shapes by structure. Vision becomes much clearer, and along with large objects, children are able to catch others as well: small or in the background.In general, the fact that a child should be able to be at 8 months old (regarding vision and memory) can be attributed to his light pointing to pictures or toys of a certain belonging. That is, when they ask a kid to show a horse in a book, he should easily find it in a variety of other pictures.


what can a baby do at 8 months

To what a child can do at 8 months, include the following:

  1. Independently sit down from a prone position, roll over from the abdomen to the back and vice versa, show interest in everything new. All these skills may indicate that the child has attained some independence, and his back muscles, abdomen and spine muscles are sufficiently strengthened for the upcoming skill of upright walking.
  2. Get up in the crib on the legs, using the crossbar and support.
  3. Move quickly around the house crawling or on all fours. Doctors believe that those babies who crawl develop more easily and correctly in the future. They are easily given the first steps. But cases are not excluded, by the way, they can even be considered frequent in the practice of pediatricians, when the child does not crawl at all. Immediately after the skill of self-sitting in a stroller or chair, such babies stand on their feet and begin to try to walk.From the point of view of the development of the muscular corset, this option is somewhat more dangerous than babies prepared by crawling, but it does occur.
  4. The syllables, for example, “ba-ba-ba”, “ma-ma-ma”, or “ta-ta-ta” continually babble. This physiological feature is observed in 90 cases out of 100. It is worth noting that some children at the age of 8 months can consciously call something or someone with such repetitive syllables, for example, call mother "ma-ma-ma."

Crawling for adventure

child development 8 months. what can?

By the age of eight months, babies are nimble and fast. With them is not so easy to cope. After putting it on the belly, the child very quickly is able to stand on all fours and go to explore the world around it. But it is impossible for him to crawl, adults need to make sure that the process is correct. Doctors note that the movements of the arms and legs must be organic, synchronous and balanced. When moving the right hand forward, the baby’s left foot should move in the same direction and vice versa. If the synchro is missing or the baby crawls somehow differently - this is a reason to consult with your doctor. By the way, there is an opinion that a child at 8 months (boys mostly) is lazy to crawl in general, or crawls only back, because it is so much easier physically.In part, this can be considered fair, since men, by nature, practice, tend to go along the beaten paths: known, easy and safe.

Exploring the world

what should a baby be 8 months old boy

Due to the fact that all children are born insensible and completely unfamiliar with the outside world, they have to learn life from scratch. It often happens that the little ones can even taste the objects unknown to them. Proceeding from the fact that a child at 8 months can already stand on his feet with the help of all kinds of supports and that he is subject to many things that he couldn’t get before, parents should be extremely careful during this period because there is a high probability of various injuries.

A child of 8 months can often be caught looking at toys. Especially kids are attracted to bright and inertial models of such. The skill of shifting from hand to hand items at this age is worked out almost to perfection. And if it happens that the beloved doll or car falls to the floor, the baby will inform the parents of this with the help of intonation, which, by the way, should be formed by this age. Anger, fright, joy, surprise and disappointment - these are not all the feelings that a child in 8 months can correctly reflect on his face.

Books - the best gift

No matter how trite the well-known statement about books sounds, for young children this is indeed the best option in the knowledge of the world. Here the child can get acquainted with animals that do not live in the territory of our country, and therefore they will not have to be observed firsthand. The books tell almost everything, and any story is supported by colorful illustrations, and kids like them so much. For restless children, music books have been invented on absolutely any subject. By the way, clicking on the special buttons in such books, answering questions about animals, transport, body parts or feelings (laughter, tears), pointing out the correct picture with your finger - this is what a child can do at 8 months. The development of fine motor skills in this case only enhances the response of the brain to the assimilation of the necessary information in the required volume.

Fine motor skills

child 8 months of development that should be able to

Many adults have repeatedly heard that fine motor skills contribute to the rapid development of the brain in children. Communication is very simple and easy to explain: there are a lot of nerve endings on a person’s fingertips,able to stimulate and activate the work of the so-called gray matter. Hands-on activities with a child are very important for full-fledged child development. The well-known "palms", dancing with hands ("lanterns", "forty" and others), the study and examination of small textured parts and toys - all this will only contribute to the brain activity of a small person. There is an opinion that a child-girl at 8 months can do much more than a boy. Yes, many babies enjoy playing "ladies", while boys avoid this tedious activity.

By the way, at the age of eight months, children can safely give a spoon in their hands and train them to eat on their own, not to mention cookies or a donut. This age is considered the most optimal for mastering the skill of proper eating.

Is it true that girls develop faster than boys?

what is a baby in 8 months old boy

They say that a child-girl at 8 months should be able to many times more than her peer of the opposite sex. This is only partly true, because by their nature girls are more calm and assiduous. This state of affairs allows the use of a character trait for developmental benefit. For example, to seat the child to collect a pyramid or for a tablet with inserts.It is worth noting that interested in the outside world, boys with a moderate dose of perseverance develop along with girls, and sometimes even surpass them.

You need to be alert if ...

All skills in a certain period of growth kids can acquire in different ways: someone earlier, and someone later. But there are some points that can tell parents about the inferior development of a child of 8 months. What a baby should be able to do, we have already considered above, and now we will list those aspects that should alert sensitive and loving parents:

  1. The baby is not sitting or trying to sit, but without the support of the support (pillows) it does not work.
  2. Cannot stand on knives with the help of adults.
  3. Does not hold a toy.
  4. Does not pronounce syllables.
  5. Does not show his emotions.

Almost all of the cases listed require immediate consultation with a pediatrician and a neurologist.

There is something to strive for

It is clear that a child in 8 months should be able to do a lot, but one should not forget about what else he can be taught or sent to interesting knowledge. For example, drink it yourself from a real cup without a straw or a special nozzle, firmly and firmly holding it in your hands.This new lesson, shown in the parental example, will definitely attract the attention of the baby, because 8 months is the age when children want to be independent.

Finger drawing will give the child a lot of unique impressions and will bring joy. The game of imagination, feeling on the palms of a sticky, cool, colored texture will help to join a part of something unusual. Many parents are afraid to practice drawing, considering the idea itself to be stupid. However, it is worth trying, because a child at 8 months (boy or girl) can draw or not, it is important and can affect his future development.

A trip to the sea is the first recommendation of all pediatricians for a jump in the development of those kids who are a little short of the generally accepted norms of becoming a full-fledged personality. It so happens that a positive emotional leap can push a child to new challenges.


Do not forget that the child is able to absorb all the information provided to him as a sponge. Children are considered to be a mirror image of their parents, and this statement is absolutely true.The fact that a child should be able to be at 8 months old (boy or girl - no difference) and his real possibilities are a natural feature. In the first place, the development will depend on the natural data of the baby, and in the second, on the adults who surround it and pay attention to it. Naturally, the knowledge and skills laid at an early age in a child will help him to further achieve success and conquer new heights.

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